I have recently began having sharp stabbing pain near my right temple. I was in the ER for possible TIA when this began. Any suggestions?

I went to the ER for memory problems, personality changes, decreased strength right side, vision in my right eye is different, my head feeling funny and right eye and mouth showed a droop.My MRI, MRA and CT of the brain were normal and labs normal. Was told that I may be having mini TIA's, which do not show up on testing. I began having the sharp stabbing pain near my right ear and temple area whe in the hospital. I am set to see a neurologist within 2-3 weeks and was told not to drive due to my vision and the possibility of having mini TIA's. Does anyone have anything similar and have any advice??

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  • Hi hon,

    I think quite a few of us can relate to the symptoms you are describing, I had what the gps said was a migraine, but I felt it was different from the normal migraine, then a gp suspected temporal artritus, treated with steroids and improved drastically, it went on for a while, that was the source of the right temple painand problem with vision in riht eye.

    However the rest, Tia's, weakness, cognitive and speech problems have been put down to the Aps.

    Please don't panic but do ask doc to look into temporal artritus!

    Hope this helps

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you, Sheena :) it does help to know I'm not alone and having to fight to get someone to listen to me! Inam making a list to go over with my PCM. I will update as I know something. Thanks again :)

  • I hope this gets better for your soon, hope your doctor can sort you out. Mary F x

  • Thank you Mary F ??

  • You might consider inquiring about CNS Vasculitis which has very similar symtpoms to temporal arteritis, particularly in that the veins are so tiny that they cannot yet be detected on MRI. I believe there are tests for elimination. I was diagnosed via stroke in 1998. For me the first symptoms was nausea (which was a handy warning). Then I could prepare myself for the Tsunami of a pain wave which inevitably followed. It litterally felt like an enourmous wave of pain completely trapped by entire being in its all-encompassing grip, building to a crescendo and slowly falling back to a state in which I had some awareness of what was going on around me. The duration differed. Often this was followed by memory problems and a slight confusion about simple things like how to boil an egg. Slowly, these things would come back. Some slower than others. Heck, who knows what's still out there?

    These symptoms have been "quiet" for me for several years now. But my neurologist says they could come back with a vengence at any time. And each symptom I get with APS I need to analyze which disease could be responsible for which symptom. I take frequent walk aways from the whole confusing mess at times because it really doesn't matter what causes them. I want them to just get rid of them. The problem is they don't have enough knowlege about either of the diseases to do that. Not just APS. Most of them. A doctor really needs to be a lot of things for a patient. They need to be a mechanic of the body, magician of the mind, architect of the future, artist of the present. Frankly, I'd like to walk into my MD's office and say "20 pounds off please". Maybe I expect too much of them. They are, after all, someone's father, husband, boss and confidant. You may want to just mention it to your doctor so that CNS vasculitis may be eliminated as a cause. Symptoms vary, but are similar if not the same as some of yours.

    Prayers, smiles and a whole lot of patience to you.

  • Thank you!! I will definitely ask the neurologist about this. We do seem to expect a lot out of our doctors, but to find someone that genuinely listens and cares, that's what I'm looking for :)

    I hope and pray that your symptoms stay at bay forever !!

    Smiles and hugs!!

  • Are you taking aspirin or warfarin???

  • I am now. They told me to take a 325mg aspirin daily when I was discharged from the hospital.

  • Good! Has it helped any with your symptoms?

  • Also, have you been tested for Hughes??

  • I can not tell any difference with the symptoms, and to my knowledge I have not been tested for Hughes. I do plan on mentioning that also when I see the neurologist. I have a list going since I can't remember things :)

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