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Fed up

Seriously fed up today. Went away to the seaside for a couple of days and ended up first of all at the opticians then the eye hospital with suspected tear in my retina. Fortunately I didn't but am trying to get used to a huge floater in my eye and the kind of mist that keeps me reaching for the specs cleaner. I could really, really do without this, especially as it mucks up my reading.

Thumbs down to the well known branch of opticians who said no-one could see me till Monday and a definite thumbs up to another one with brilliant staff who referred me onto the eye hospital. And the service there was NHS at their best.

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Hi there, glad you got seen in the end.. always crucial to sort eyes... my family also experienced great NHS care for my husband's sudden corneal ulcer and infection.... just about to write a positive review for the hospital... it was a long day and a half but it all got sorted in the end. PHEW. Mary F x


Thanks Mary. Just hoping it will settle down soon - today has not been much fun.


A few years back I was given a clean bill of eye health by a well known high street opticians even though I was experiencing excruciating pains behind the eyes and any head movement at all felt like my head was being crushed. I had told them of my various conditions so they 'should have' been aware what to look out for.

Luckily like you, I attended an eye hospital where bi-lateral retinal haemorrhages were diagnosed. Obviously the hospital had some slightly better trained staff than the local opticians.

Fortunately I caught it in time.

The hospital was amazing. I hope your condition is not past repair. I have little respect for faux professionals.


Thanks. I was so impressed with the service I got, especially as I wasn't even a local resident. Got to try and be patient and wait for the floater to go away, but it could be a few weeks. Any change and I will go to my local clinic.


I have always found that high street opticians are a bit hit and miss. I got a really good one in my town of a big high street chain but now go to a local opticians where one of the partners has fantastic knowledge of all autoimmune conditions as well as other medical conditions and how they affect your eyes. The other partner in the shop then deals with the dispensing after the eyes have been tested and prescription worked out, so it's a good team.

Eyes are so important so if in doubt always go to your local eye hospital not the general A & E.


I too go to a local opticians who are excellent. Like you my experiences with chains has varied, but the one I went to gave me a thorough examination and faxed a letter to the clinic who in turn called me with a time to go in.

Like you say eyes are so important. The doctor told me that quite a fewer people don't go if they get flashing and floaters like I did.


Has Plaquenil and affects on the eyes ever been discussed on HealthUnlocked, or with your Optician? as a "newey" I would be grateful if you could direct me to any pasts posts regarding this subject, Many thanks


I was put on an high dose of Plaquenil, but had to have the dosage reduced as it effected my eyesight. My problem settled when the dosage was reduced. Hope this is helpful.


Can't help here I'm afraid as I don't take Plaquenil. But I am sure someone will. My possible retinal tear is unrelated to Hughes.


Just want to say am glad you had one who helped! No fun being away for fun and having such problems.

I have sicca which is dry eye syndrome. Not the same at all.... but it is an eye condition and am wondering if having APS makes one more prone to having eye problems. Hmmmm.

Anyway, hope you get better soon!



I too have dry eyes as also have a touch of Sjgrons but my current eye problem isn't connected. Vitreous detachment (1 in 10 chance of retinal year) which I have is more common with short sight and the affected eye is very short sighted, also with getting older (!). I believe it is quite common.

I have called my floater Mr Blobby as he will be around for weeks/months/ permanently. It is very hard to have yet something else to put up with. I just hope I am not going to get eye strain as looking through my left eye is like looking through a dirty window never mind Mr Blobby.


Hi Panda60

I have had microclots in my eyes with doublevision and amaurosa attacks (no sight at one Eye for a couple of minutes). When I started warfarin all eye problems disapperared but now I have Blefarit. What is "retinal tears"? I am from Sweden so .

Thank you for an answer and take care.




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