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Winter bug

Can any explain why its taking twice as long to fight this winter cold bug thats doing its rounds.

Had it since Christmas day and still got it now, I can not keep most foods down, nor hot dinks. I have lost all control of my bladder since having the cough, though the bladder weakness had slowly beginning to get worse anyway, my doctor has told me to lose weight, though the bladder has a mindvof its own when I was slimmer. Pevic floor exercise dont do anything either. Could bladder weakness be part of APS?

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Have you had any children, if so this could be a reason for your weakness. My Gyny told me that most women have an issue after childbirth if they have a hacking cough and not to worry about it. If it is worse than that and you have not had children then you need to ask to be referred and not accept weight as an excuse.

As far as the bug is concerned it is quite nasty and know a lot of people who are taking awhile to shake it off. With an immune system that is compromised anyway its going to take a bit longer for you. Sorry I can't be more cheery I know it's not nice, get someone to spoil you and don't even think about going back to work if you are working, make sure you are really over it. Feel better soon. X


I have children, my bladder has been weak before I had childre. My immune system has been battered for the past 12 months it seems to take ages to fight.


Hello Karen :-]

Sorry to hear you are still poorly. I too caught a bug about six weeks before Christmas and I have only just fully recovered. I think we just have to accept that having a low immune system means it takes "ages " for our system to clear bugs that others can fight off quicker. A pain in every sense of the word !

as for bladder weakness - it seemed every time I had a coughing bout I had "problems " :-[

I'm sorry this isn't very helpful but can relate to all you are saying. I hope you recover soon. Get plenty of rest and step up your vitamin intake and honey and fresh lemons for your coughing.

Take care x


Sorry you have not been well. Your Gp could refer to a urologist or physio, but if you are over weight they may ask you to try and loose some ist

good luck, hope you feel better soon xxx


I really hope you feel better soon, and that you GP could help you to find a more comfortable outcome, please do go back and see what they say. Mary F x


That's horrible -I had it too and it was a horror - did take a while to get over - stay with the usual - rest and gentle activity. Also I am sure our neurological systems to the bladder can be affected in APS. I agree with other posts - ask to see urologist. (Although they were useless in my case saying the old mantra -'possible ms! ) I have not had kids was told I have strong pelvic floor muscles but still have bladder issues -both leaking and not emptying properly - on the plus side I found the incontinence nurses very helpful and absolutely lovely and i think you can self refer too.



I think its very unfair that a immune system that is constantly raised against ourselves isnt equally as good at fighting these bugs - quite contradictery really and surely there should be some benefits of having this !!!!!! I got a cold 3 months ago and never got over the cough then came down with the cold/chest infection/flu symptons on boxing day and still have it!!! Now I cant tolerate coffee particularly well and hardly eating anything - hope your better soon x


Hi Karen

I'm just wondering if you're on steroids? I've noticed when taking steroids for skin inflammation and chest infections I have trouble with my bladder! Only really have this when taking steroids such as prednisilone, the higher the dose the worse it gets, so could be meds related.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Going back to see my doctor today as im not taking just losing weight as a way of helping my bladder, when I was a size ten I had the same problem just now its worse. I looked up ASP and bladder problems and there is a link. So going to ask for a referal. Feeling utter rubbish with this cold that dont want to go. :-( xx


Hi just getting over a chest infection I ended up having a month off work :-( and a chest xray plus was told I have no immune system to fight even a cold :-(


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