Bladder weakness

Is there anyone else having bladder problems?

I have a complete bladder weakness been back to the doctors and they don't help. Anything else I can do? Tena Lady don't help at all :( I have embarrassing moments in the middle of the street too

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  • Hi Karen - You must go back to your GP and insist on a referral to a urologist specialist. This may or may not be gyny linked too. It is not good enough that you are being left to deal with this on your own. You may have to get tough and write to your Practise Manager, but you have a right to a second opinion.

  • I will ask again

  • Hello KarenOR. I understand your frustration. This situation had me wearing adult diapers/underwear - thank gawd for Depends (or I would not have been able to leave the house.) I had an ongoing bladder problem for many years but finally saw a good urologist 16 months ago. He put me on a medication called Myrbetriq (MIRABEGRON) 50mg. once daily. And I saw an acupuncturist as well. (She helped speed up the recovery.) Within 3 months the problem was resolved. I don't need the acupuncturist anymore, but the medication is ongoing. I hope this information helps. I am in Canada. If you live elsewhere you may need to look for the information on the medication. Best of luck.

  • Hi Karen,

    You have a difficult situation and I also wonder if you have got a Specialist which we need with this illness and if your GP and the Specialist are working well together?

    I know you have told us you are anticoagulated. Is it with Warfarin and what INR has he put you on? Do you selftest also which makes it easier for you and I hope the INR is not too difficult to keep in the right level.

    How are your children doing? Is your daughter 15 now or even older?

    I do not know about bladder-problem but if the anticoagulation and Doctor-problems are not solved it is difficult to manage and get the right treatment for all our needs.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hi my daughter is 15 and still in care, she wants to come home. I am on warfarin but don't self test.

    Bladder seems that it's not behaving, wetting myself even though I go loo about 20mins before

  • Hi my daughter is 15 and wants to come home.

  • Hi, I totally agree with my colleagues, you need to see a urologist, its embarrasing for you but there are treatments they can do, insist with your GP. xx

  • I'm no MD, but aren't urinary problems like this common in MS? AND, doesn't APS mimic MS in many of its symptoms? It makes me wonder if your APS isn't being treated aggressively enough. It's a thought. Good luck. Nancy in West Virginia

  • I have developed bladder weakness to the point that I had an accident right at work and standing up! There was no warning but there was extreme embarrassment, luckily I was able to hide in the janitorial room and wait for my husband to bring me a change of clothes. I have developed the problem with in this past year. Mornings are awful and I pray the bathroom is free every morning cause I am running as fast as I can! Don't have any answers to offer. I have not told the Dr. yet cause he will give me pills or tell me to wear the adult pampers. I am not ready for that!

  • Spoke to my doctor she's referring me back to hospital and issued me with a urgent card means you can ask to use the toilet anywhere. Ordered depend pads too. Embarrassing but fixable

  • Good - let us know how you get on xx

  • Hi Karen not sure where you are, but if you're in the UK ask to be seen by a continence nurse while you are waiting to see the specialist . I saw one and she was brilliant, I have transverse myelitis as well as Hughes so have issues with bladder and bowel. I have my pads on the NHS and they are delivered every three months. Wishing you all the best

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