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Finally found a hematologist

Hi all I had my 1st appt with a new hematologist referred to by my GP.. My husband and I liked him very much. He was well informed about APS and Lupus Anticoagulant. He is doing all blood work related to APS and LA that I haven't had done in about five years. Will take me as patient see him in three months unless i need to see him before that . He took me off of 325 mg of aspirin and put me on 81 mg his thinking was that high dose of aspirin maybe the cause of my bleeding problems, having my INR checked tomorrow.

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Hi hon

Excellent news, hopefully you'll get answers, treatment, understanding and feel better. So pleased for you, hope you feeling ok today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


ive been seeing the samw hemotoligst for two years now for aps n would like to change him because he tells me nothing n i really do not like him im due to see him today at 10 30 dread going because hes horrivle i have only just got the answers to say i have aps


Hi Strawberryblonde

I'm glad that you have a positive experience with you Haemotologist. It is so hit and miss and if you get an APS sceptic medc you are on a hiding to nothing.

Best wishes.



I hope this goes well, and please feed back to us, always useful to know who is good, and who is getting better ie the professionals. Best of luck. Mary F x


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