A oncologist doing the job of a hematologist?

My husband saw a cardiologist a few weeks ago & during the visit, he recommended that my husband see a hematologist for his APS since he hasn't seen one before. One just happened to be at our hospital for his monthly visit when my husband's lungs were showered with clots & he was diagnosed with APS. When I went to make the appointment with the hematologist, I told the nurse that the cardiologist wanted him to see a hematologist for his APS & gave the doctor's name. She said okay, was quite familiar with APS & made the appointment. But when I looked at the appointment card, the doctor is an oncologist, not a hematologist. Has anyone heard of such a situation? Can an oncologist do both specialties?


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  • Yes, especially if the doctor deals with blood cancers. I seen an oncoligist that deals .with blood issues / cancers..

  • My hemotologyst is also an oncologyst- They are Doctors that specialize and treat diseases and blood disorders and also have extensive knowledge on all kinds of issues pertaining to medical issues with cancers of the blood and body especially with administering chemotherapy drugs.

  • Thanks, Renae & msvndrblt. I was kind of thinking along this line - of an oncologist specializes in cancer & thus in blood disorders as well - but I wanted to confirm my thoughts. Thanks for your help.


  • Yes, same thing happened to me last week. I went to the appointment and it was at the cancer institute. It was weird but afterwards I looked it up and from what I can tell some do specialize in both.

  • Thanks for replying, Mommaleda. I guess it is logical for an oncologist to treat blood disorders because that is where cancer starts as well. It's amazing how much we learn as we keep dealing with this, isn't it?


  • Here is the USA its common for a doc to be a hematologist/oncologist. A cancer specialist must have hematology knowledge as many cancers affect the blood, cause clotting, etc....

    My last hematologist in Atlanta's practice was called Cancer Care but he was def a hematologist as well.

  • Thanks, Kristina. It's good to know that some doctors have more than one specialty & that they are required to have one, such as hematology, before achieving another, such as oncology. I feel better having received everyone's help.


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