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Charity Christmas cards

We know Christmas is still a fair old while away (phew!) but for those of you who have relatives living in different countries, go away for the holidays, or simply want to be really organised this year, our Christmas cards are now available online:

A few older ranges are almost gone now so if you want to be sure order quickly for:

Christmas wishes to you

Dashing through the snow

Hello there robin

We are well stocked with everything else :)

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Just got all mine from you! It feels good to be organised for once :-D


Mind you I have to remember to write and send them in time......thats another matter entirely!!


I will have a look over the next couple of days and purchase some also. Mary F x


Have just ordered mine. Hope I can remember where I put them when the time comes to send them!


Thanks everyone :) I am surprised at how many people order early and are so organised! I'm just jealous really as Christmas usually springs itself upon me at the beginning of December then it's panic ... Kx


Hi Kate.....

I'm having one of those fuzzy days, but maybe you can help. Do you know if the Christmas cards are shipped to the US? Probably won't be worth the postage.... but? ....if you know off hand??? Cute cards and a VERY worthy cause. The American Foundation is not offering cards.



Hi Leigha - to be honest, it's just not worth it in the postage now. The Royal Mail has put up prices enormously including Airmail this year so we are not really encouraging people to buy from the US - sorry :( Thanks for the offer though - have you tried asking the American APS Association if they would consider getting some in?


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