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vitamin k

hi has anyone had a reaction to vitamin k . last thursday went for my inr check at the clinic my inr was 11.1 which is unusual for me its always be low so they gave me some vitamin k via mouth over weekend i have developed a rash on my neck. back and now its spreading to arms and legs. face its very itchy .its the only thing i have had apart from my normal medication

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alergic reaction - most people with APS/Hughes - should not take Vid .K as it can cause you to clott


I'm afraid I can't answer your question specifically as I have not ever been given vitamin K. What you are describing does sound like an allergic reaction to something. I think it may be advisable to visit your GP for advice, and if your symptoms get worse or effect your breathing you should go to A@E.


Skyllark I believe vitamin K was given as their INR was 11 which is very dangerous, as is anything above 4. With an INR of 11 the risk of bleeding is so high that it is weighed against the risk of clotting and vitamin K has to be given.


Hi hon

Not had my inr go high enough to need vit k, although wouldn't be to keen on it cos of clotting risk. Have had a nose around and vit k oral may cause rashes in some people so may be wise to mention to doc hon. Check sooner if worried hon.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Shell - when are you due back at the clinic, Hospital or Doctors to have another INR check?

If its not tomorrow I would call the helpline that they always give you with your anticoagulation card that they write your INR number on. If there is no helpline then call the anticoagulation clinic or the A&E department and advise them of what is happening in case they will want to see you sooner than the appointment that has been given you.


thx for all the replies im at the doctors in the morning and back at the clinic also even with the vitamin k my inr was still 5.2 the next day my range is 2.-3 .thank you for all the advice its really nice of you all and its nice to have people who can advise and share things with and understand


care and thanks again shell xxx


Do you get the venous sample (blood taken from your arm)?

The fingerprick test is no good for people like us. It is not accurate above 3.


Hi shell,

You're welcome hon!

Hope the inr settled and rash is better! :-) :-)

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


hi sheena

still got the rash but its slowly going n my inr was back within range .i go back to the clinic on thursday to have it re checked ,i hope everything is fine with you and thanks for your message xxxx takecare hugs shell


I have an allergy to many injectibles. The theory is that I am actually reacting to some common stabilizer or preservative. So, whenever I get an injectibles the nurses hoover with the epi pens and the Benadryl.

But with an INR of 11you certainly needed the K. Had you contracted a tummy bug which may have sped up the trajectory of food through your gut, ( this decreasing the Vitamin K you absorbed.?). Taken a new med or nutritional supplement? Or NSAIDS for pain and inflammation control? Or ate something new?

I find that the best way for me to keep a steady INR is to memorize categories of foods which contain which levels of K, and which foods thin the blood. But the big random element is tummy bugs. You can not predict when you'll get them you can only be assured that stomach viruses WILL totally mess up your INR.

Good luck.



hi gina no had nothing new or eaten anything .not sure what caused it my inr went up for about 3 wks which is very unusual for me its normally low and thats why im on a high dose or warfarin 19mg a day .hope your ok ?? take care xxx shell


Yes, I did, my INR too high the sent me to heamatology for the vitamin KI drink. I vomited later and got a bad illness like flu with lots of coughing.

My INR is better controlled now as I get the tests more frequently, and always get the venous sample.


hi herb .hope your well . i always have the pinprick test for my inr unless im admitted to hospital then its venous sample . xx


How are you now Shell? Has the INR come down to a reasonable level?


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