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Does any one have swelling on the spine/back problems

For three years ive suffered with lower back pain, it was thought to be a fissure and i was hospitalised a few times with it. when its flared up im unable to work, walk up stairs drive etc, co-codomal,tramadol and oramorph do not kill the pain.

i finally had an MRI scan and they have found i have swelling and fluid on my lower spine just before the coccyx. Am awaiting seeing a consultant about it, does anyone else have similar problems?

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My lower back turns into an excruciating problem for around 12 days a month, and sometimes more, I end up in quite bad way with this, the only thing which showed up was worn discs in the area, I think it is just Hughes, Lupus and Sjogrens flaring etc. Mary F x


I have muscle spasms in arms ,back ,arms ,legs , and feet-- funny you should ask right now as i just saw a dc. yesterday because of severe spasm in lower lumbar region-- they put me on muscle relaxers and also are testing for kidney stones. i couldn't even get out of bed yesterday morning till about 11:00-- but had to get up to go and test my inr- and pick up more blood thinners as i was out . i just got an appointment with paincare -- they deal with the pain not the cause- hopefully they can hep with this constant numbness abd tingling i get all over my body that is now all the time - this feeling of n + t --is what i would feel when i was having a aps flare- but being constant now is worring me cause -what is flare -or is it a clotting problem ?????---- it looks live my spasms are getting worse jsut like every thing else going on right now !!! - O well just another lovely day in our lives as sludge bloods - if they can offer some thing that helps i will most certainly keep you informed as it might help sone of us all ------------- numb and prickly --jet


Yes maybe it is APS but my other consultants think there must be an underlying problem hopefully they will give me more information soon, i do wonder why its taken three years for them to do an MRI scan


Hi Becky

I too have spinal problems, (degenerative disc disease). At times the pain and immobility is awful. So I empathise with you, It seems fairly common amongst patients with autoimmune conditions to have pain and swelling in joints.

I hope your docs get things sorted and some relief for you very soon!

Wishing for less pain tomorrow hon.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Holy crap I hate back pain... my spine is a mess.. I degenerative disc disease also... I had my neck fused a 6+ years ago... the cadabor disk they used was absorded into my body... they didn't know at that time that I had SLE and APS. I have a metal plate and 4 screws that try to hold it in place. I have three herneated disks in my low back L4 L5 and S1 I do the steriod injections but Ice bags are used daily this has been going on for a few years now... I really feel your pain and I am so sorry for you.


My back pain issues have finally after 4years been answered, saw a rheumatologist today apparently i have joint hypermobility syndrome and soft tissue rheumatism . . .next step new medication and physio appointment.


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