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Consultant appointment

I seen my new rheum 29th may 2012 and everthing seemed ok, he knew about APS and had trained under my old consultant. I left the appointment with new tablets and told he would see me in 2-3 months. Its now 4 months and phoned his secretary as Ive heard nothing was told oh! you wont get an appointment for a year even tho say 2-3 months the backlog means it will be a year?? Have you a problem? His secretary was nice and said she would try to get me in in december.

Just so annoying I would be ok if they just told you it will be a year unless you have a problem.

sharon xx

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She had no right making you feel like HER problem is yours! It was miscommunication between the MD and his office and you need to be seen, per MD orders, four months from his last visit with you. That's all. The rest is her problem. I would not be angry nor antagonistic when I explained this to the scheduler. I would simply state it as an expectation that she can fix it or you will insist you speak with the doctor. Then I would ask him why he is seeing you biannually rather than quarterly? Do you have an active problem that should be seen within four months as opposed to six? The wait is annoying, particularly when the error is not your fault. I'd give you the IRRITATION AWARD for today! If I had a crown, I'd crown you.

Smiles and hugs,



Sorry to hear that you're having problems getting seen. When you attend sn appointment is there any scope to make an appointment with the desk as you leave? That way you have a date to work towards.


Thanks Canary First award Ive ever won!

The consultant gives you a form to hand into recieption when you leave and they usually give you date for next appointment, I handed form in they said receiptions had gone and would post next appointment to me. As Ive not received new appointment I thought I would ring. Did not like the fact had to explain to secretary what my new problem was so that she could deceide whether to tell consultant or not.


This tale sounds familiar. it started happening at a hospital clinic I went to. To be fair the doctor was saying I will see you in x months as that was when he expected to see me but the fact was there just was no appointments for at least 9 months, a fact he was not aware of.

You must call the appointments not the secretary and tell them that the doctor specifically told you he wanted to see you back in 2-3months which has now expired. Ask for a cancellation or to be put at the end of a clinic day when they usually stick an extra patient that needs to be seen on the end of a list.

Its not a question of the reception staff giving you false information or blaming them, its more that you need to insist to them what the doctors instructions are or you will just be given the next appointment in line. This system seems to be happening all over the NHS now and I think its so that the Doctors dont get it in the neck from the patients if they tell them they cant come back and see them for months. Some clinics are actually discharging people now and you have to be re-referred to see the consultant again.


Just got telephone call from consultants secretary, shes spoken to the consultant and said I will have to wait for backlog as my bloods where ok and if i have a problem need to see own gp!!!! The secretary has said will try to get me an appointment in december. I didnt have a high opion of consultants now I offically hate them. (obviously not all just the ones ive had to deal with)


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