HELP!! DLA Tribunal on Friday

After a long wait I am going to DLA tribunal this Friday 21/9/12.

I am still waiting for reports fro my neurologist, I have previous St thomas' letters from Prof Hunts team.

I am getting myself in a real pickle worrying I won't have enough evidence to prove the difficulties I have. Especially when DWP declined my application I accordingto them I will get better.

I have been reading other blogs, they say they went to the tribunal with a disability officer!!! I dont have one -what should I do!!

Is it a waste of time going to the hearing??

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  • It is a proven fact that more appeals succeed for those that turn up to the hearing. Have you a Law Centre near you in which case you should go there and see if you can get someone to accompany you.

    You should also call your Neurologist secretary tomorrow and ask if she has the reports and if she can fax or email them to you and stress the importance to her.

    If you have aids in the home fitted by social services then you can call them and ask for their evidence. You have left it a bit late though to gather this information and to get help with representation so the only other thing is to try the Citizens Advice as a last resort to see if they have anyone to help you.

    Good Luck and let us know how it works out.

  • Good luck Friday, my first tribunal I went to was on my own the next two I sought the help of a disability officer more for emotional support than anything else.The most important thing is answering the questions and letting them know why you need help with self care and any other walking problems.A high percentage of tribunals are allowed.Now O keep all evidence and letters that i get.Also write a days diary will remind you of your difficulties.

  • I have been to the CAB for help and I have a file of my letters etc. I have reread them and they are consistent with describing my problems.

    I will see if I have a law centre for advice I am so overwhelmed by the whole process. I was only given three weeks notice for the tribunal leaving not much time.

    Thank you for you advice.

  • Can you get the hearing posponed until you have all the relevent information.

    Whatever you do definately GO TO THE HEARING and take someone with you for support.

    I agree that you need the report from your Specialist.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Love Sue

  • I am under Professor D'Cruz at St. Thomas' hospital. I told one of his team what i wanted and by when and they emailed the latter through to me to go with my appeal. I have the backing of my MP, maybe a little late for you but I feel quite essential So email him/her today!! I have also been to the CAB and they have been marvellous in sorting out my appeal and have confirmed that they will attend with me.

    As Sue (above) states, you MUST go to the hearing. Try the CAB now and see if they have someone who will be able to attend with you, you never know until you try.

    Good luck and I hope that they find in your favour !

  • Make sure you point out the fact that you were only given three weeks notice which has not been enough time to get reports back from specialists (if you are not successful in getting them by Friday). As everyone says above if you go you can explain what "effects" your conditions have on your daily life yourself and that is something you can prepare and be in control of.

    Do what you can, if you cant manage to get someone to represent you, try for a rescheduling, if that fails then definitely turn up with someone for moral support, go with what you have and be as clear, confident and concise as you can in explaining what you need to get across. As they say - Dont Panic, and carry on!! x

  • My Dr at St Thomas has completely ignored my request for support, no response ! It is vital that you take someone with you as a witness to what is being said. I made the mistake of going alone to my initial medical and its my word against theirs now as they said so many things on my report that weren't true i.e She removed her coat without difficulty..I WASN'T WEARING A COAT !!!!!! I wish I'd taken a witness ! Be true to yourself and don't try and prove to yourself that you are better than you really are, tell them how bad it is for the majority of the time..good luck !

  • I wouldn't worry to much as if the judge thinks the neurologist report will make a difference to your claim he will probably adjourn the court until and will seek your permission to get the information directly from your neurologist, once this is collected a new date will be rescheduled. Make sure you do attend though as you have a much higher chance of a successful claim, even if it is adjourned. Good luck x x

  • I'm afraid i have no experience to offer you but wish you all the best and hope that you gather your reports in time for tomorrow. Please try to get someone to go with you if at all possible.

  • All my papers were emailed over yesterday with a clear explanation of why they were not submitted on time!

    I am so exhausted this afternoon, roll on tomorrow! My boyfriend / partner is going with me so fingers crossed.

    Thankyou for all your advice I will let you know how it turns out.


  • GOOD LUCK!! :-D

  • Best of luck hon! Love n hugs Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Thinking of you today x

  • Good Luck for today x

  • Thank you for all your support I won my Tribunal. I am so relieved my disability has been recognised at last!

  • Hi hon

    Big congratulations hon, such a relief I bet!

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Well Done!! So glad you went and got what you deserved and should have got without having to go through all that anguish!!

    I hope they gave it to you for a decent number of years so that you dont have to worry about PIP for awhile and can relax and forget about that too!! :-)

  • So glad you got your DLA. I finally got my award 7 years ago after failed applications and failed tribunal, eventually an application written by CAB got me it but it took 18 months. i have it for life but as we all know that does not mean life any more. I am expecting by 2015 I will have lost it on pip as I have read the new criteria online and it is brutal and I think we need no arms or legs to get it under the new system. Sorry if that is insulting but it reads as if there is very little they will give it for and as our illness is invisible how do we prove how bad we feel.

  • Hooray you have done it for all of us xx

  • So glad you won its so emotionally draining try and relax now until the system switches over to PIP.

  • I have been awarded it indefinitely!! Not really sure what time span that is! Maybe it will be clearer on the award papers when they come through!

    Not thinking about PIP yet still getting over the tribunal, it must have cost a fortune to put that on!!

    I feel at ease as I feel the award was fair, I was honest and I am not taking from who need it more than me but a Blue Badge would have helped on my really bad days when I am struggling!

  • There is nothing to stop you from applying for one. High rate mobility gave you a BB automatically but there are plenty of people out there that have badges that are on the lower rates.

    Get the forms and fill them in. You can use the letters you have from your tribunal to back up the application. If you get turned down without being asked for a walking assessment, appeal and ask for one. Remember to tell them what you are like on your bad days because those are the days you have difficulty with mobility.

    Look on your councils website for the details of how to apply.

    Good Luck

  • So glad you won your tribunal. Hope you've managed to rest and recover from it now. I found when I have been to them for incapacity benefit I was so drained afterwards. Well done again.

  • Hi,

    I was told by CAB that if you are in receipt of DLA you should be entitled to a blue badge.

    It may be easier than you think I applied online and got mine no questions asked.


  • Thank you Sue I will apply for mine this week.


  • That is fantastic news, so pleased for you. :)

  • yey a bit of good news, glad u got it , dreading pip as there will be no lower rate care coponent,so they will just scrap my payment ,as i am awaiting my appeal there is hope i will get my income supprot back , hate the system and my illness, i think the goverment is trying to kill us off legaly through stress

  • :-(

  • Daftdog - I hate my illness too I feel that it has stolen my life and I have no control. Everything is just a massive (swear word!) struggle !

    I think it's because it's hidden, i had a big discussion with the disability bloke a work who was concerned about my walking! I explain my diffculties and whilst he sat comfortably in his electric wheel chair he said he haven't realised how much I was in pain and suffering!!!! We went on to discuss about his own perceptions of others abilities!!!!

    He learnt a kind lesson never make assumptions!!

    Thinking of you xxx

  • I understand completely where you are coming from but well done you for educating somebody who should have known better. It just shows that even people with disabilities can and need to have their eyes opened to others needs and their different kinds of disabilities as all too often they are blinkered into thinking that everyone are like them.

    Im so sorry that you are still suffering so much and still feel so angry about it. Is there a way where you can gain more control over some elements of your life because perhaps then it will make accepting this condition that little bit easier to deal with.

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