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Charcot joint??

Hi everyone...I havent been on this site in a while, but i think of all of you and appreciate all the help and support that you all give even when not feeling well. My feet always had poor circulation. I am not overweight and i exercise,dont drink or smoke. However, three of my drs. think i have charcot joint disease in both my feet as the joints are becoming terribly deformed and now im having trouble walking. As I have written before i am APS positive and factor VIII deficient. Has anyone here been diagnosed with Charcot? Anyone here have a blood disorder other than APS?...Thank you...hugs to all of you...Teresa

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Hi there, sorry to hear about your discomfort, it seems it does appear in autoimmune disease particularly with regard to RA and also with diabetics: I have loaded up a couple of articles here for you. I hope they help, I am glad they have diagnosed it for you early on.

Mary F x


Hello there. I dont have it but my husband does. He has CMT2.

There is a CMT group on HU that you may find useful to join as people there may be able to answer some more specific questions.

The National Hospital for Nervous Diseases seems to be the centre of excellence for this condition if you need to get a referral.

Here is the link to the CMT group on HU


Great info, and on the same platform! Mary F x


Actually I may have jumped the gun. CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease) may be a completely different thing to Charcot Foot. They both have neuropathy and deformities of the foot but it would seem that Charcot foot is part of a underlying Diabetes. Im not sure if there is any link what so ever with these two conditions so perhaps a question for the other forum.

My husband is still learning about his condition too as he has only recently been diagnosed. Sorry if there has been confusion. x


Thank you to both of you for replying and I certainly will go on these sites and I appreciate you both taking the time to reply...Teresa


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