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Update on pregnancy

Hello all just giving you all an update on pregnancy I'm currently 29 weeks and having problems as I have a reduced blood flow to placenta. Been up hosp cos baby wasn't moving put on weekly monitoring as I have + protein + keytones + blood and I'm sick everyday, but my blood pressure is stable I was wondering if I'm getting pre eclampsia again even though I'm on heparin and aspirin daily I want to bring my baby home this time round so I'm really worrying.

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Hello there, the first thing I will say, is I am sorry you are so worried, and I can understand. Is your team fully up on Hughes? and the medications required? My feeling from what you are saying is that they are. However if in any doubt, go back to hospital and stay there! Be firm until you are satisfied with the monitoring, and the feedback you receive. And although this is tricky, please stay as calm as you can. Keep in contact with us all, and we will and help. I am sure lots of ladies will come on here and help now with this! Mary F x


Oh hunny, I am so sorry to hear your distress :(

I'm sure they're doing everything possible to help, but if you are unsure about anything or feel you need to say anything or give them a nudge in any must do, dont worry about stepping on anyones toes or thinking it's not your place to tell a doc' anything.....we have all learnt the hard way to speak up if worried about anything.

Thinking of you, keep us posted on your progress & I wish your little one all the best wishes in the world to arrive safely in your arms xx


You've been given good advice, all I can really add our my prayers... I will hold you close in my prayers...


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