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Pregnancy updated!

hello everyone. sorry I've not been in touch recently, life's just flown by of late. so pregnancy updated.... Well, things are progressing quite well. We have reached 25 weeks pregnant so well over half way. iI have had some problems with joint pains and carpal tunnel but nothing I can't cope with.

Anyways, just wanted to check in :-) oh and btw we are having another little girl.

Hugs kate xxx

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Hi Kate,

Great to hear from you hon, great news too, :-) hang in their, my thoughts are with you! Another little princess on the way! Love n hugs Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Great News, its always good to get past the half way mark as you feel as if you are on the home stretch! As Sheena says hang in there and we are all keeping everything crossed for you. xx


great news xx


Ahh Kate, bless - fantastic news, thanks for letting us know :) Wishing you all the best for the second half, it's going to be tough and scary but so worth it. Please do keep us posted x


Wow, what cheerful news, hope it continues this way, keep us posted, we are all rooting for you. Mary F x


wonderful news!


Thanks for sharing your lovely news. It was great to hear a goodnews story. I was diagnosed with HS after losing our little girl at 16 weeks pregnant. It is my third miscarrriage.

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, and then was carrying twins in my last pregnancy one miscarried at 9 weeks. I feel lucky with the DR I got myself referred to as she was very sympathetic and an expert in the miscarriage field (Professor Quinby), she tested me for Hughes as part of checks for auto immune disorders.

The crazy thing is I had soooo many blood tests for IVF and I dont know why they dont test for auto immune issues at the start - espcially when the treatment is so expensive.

I am on the IVF journey due to male factor infertility, and in the process of gearing myself up to try again with the new information we have now so hearing your story gives me hope and the strength to try again.

Thanks for sharing

Miranda x


Hi Miranda,

I am glad my little update has helped pep you up a bit. This is our 9th pregnancy and we are lucky enough to have 1 daughter (pregnancy number 4). The majority of our were lost between 6 and 9 weeks but we lost a little boy at 14 weeks (although didn't find out till i was 16 weeks) last April.

I have known I have APS since I was 18 (diagnosed in 1999) so was always aware there might be problems but never thought I'd have to go through this many miscarriages. There are a huge number of positive stories out there so keep the faith and fingers crossed the next cycle of IVF will be the dream outcome for you and your partner, especially now you know ALL the facts!!

Much love and positivity being sent your way.

Kate xxx


Thanks Kate you too x


Keep going hun well done - i remember your posts last year and have thought of you many times and wondered how you were, well done for being brave enough to do this again xxxxxxxx


Fingers crossed for you! Hope everything goes ok

MJ x


Hope everything is going well, I was only diagnosed as a result of numerous miscarriages and am currently having IVF. I am hoping if I get pregnant this time it will be different and the ASPRIN/ heparin does the trick. This process is so stressful and heartbreaking and I am wishing anyone struggling with pregnancy and APS positive results. We always saying if its not a happy ending its not the end! Xxx


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