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In need of advice to keep my stress levels down

I will be coming off my Fragmin injections in a couple of weeks and im worried about whats going to happen and if there will be any problems in the rest of my pregnancy. My doctors havent mentioned anything about weather or not i will be induced early or weather or not i will stay on some sort of blood thinning medication for the rest of the pregnancy until birth. I cant seem to stop thinking about it all and im terrified. My husband is trying his best to ease my mind but its just not working

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Well first of all Im sure your people know what they are doing as they would not risk you or your bubs by doing anything silly. If I was in your position I would make an appointment to see your Doctor (the one who has asked for you to come off the Fragmin and go along and have a little chat. tell him/she what you have said here and that you need to understand these things and have some planning for the remaining weeks.

Most Doctors are so busy and treat patients matter of factly and assume we are going to follow along without asking questions. They would probably be mortified if they knew how you felt and only to happy to explain and reassure.

So please try not to worry but make contact tomorrow so you can have your mind put at rest. Oh and congratulations and keep us informed of progress. x


Hello, the sooner you can see that doctor, and any nurse associated with them as well, and explain how utterly stressed you feel, the better. No doctor would want to leave any pregnant woman feeling that level of stress, if you can't manage to get through to the appointments quickly, ring the secretary of that doctor... and explain to him or her how you are feeling and that you urgently need to come back. I am sure it will be ok, and please let us know what they say, and perhaps where you are. We will do what we can to be supportive for you. Mary F x


If you have Hughes syndrome, why would they possibly want you to go off your Fragmin during your pregnancy??? Make sure you have a doctor who knows what they are doing (kind of hard to find for APS!) and can give you a very good reason why they want you to stop your Fragmin during pregnancy which is a hypercoagulate state.


i have an appointment to see my haematologist next friday, she will be getting a shed load of questions off me. if theres anything i need to ask please let me know as pregnancy brain has got me LOL


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