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Childhood Memory Blanks

Saw an old school photo from 1957 recently (juniors). Even then I remember having memory blanks. Teacher would be talking, but I had no idea what was being said until I clicked back on again if that makes sense. I had abdominal migraine then and the teacher was very worried about me. The doctor didn't know what was wrong with me. Had last migraine at 15 and then clear until my 30's when it returned, but this time in my head. Anyone else have school memories regarding strange symptoms?

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Hi there, I did indeed have episodes at school as you describe. I was considered very bright.. however I was frequently off with infections...and took long periods to recover, also the migraines as a teenager were hell, plus I could not concentrate, information just would not go in. I would have days which were fine, then long periods of being totally fatigued and spaced out. Nobody picked up the APS, or indeed the systemic lupus. The memory blanks were very frustrating. Never mind... at least I know what it is now! Mary F x


I was tutored at home many primary grades and practically four years of high school. I remember 2 of those years I had infectious mononeucleosis, which is not "walking mono" that lasts six weeks or so and you're a little tired. This is much more serious. I actually have no memories because I was sound asleep more than 20 of 24 hrs. a day. I had really great tutors and was enrolled at the finest public high school in the US at the time. They were one of the few who even had an "at home" program at all. All my teachers came to my house (within walking distance of school). They WANTED this program to work. I was superior in reading, english, history and the arts and hopeless, absolutely hopeless at math. The only reason I passed math was if I promised I would never tell anyone who taught me math and to this day I have not. Yet, one of my duties later in life was to do a 550-bed hospital budget!

I also had some fantastic bosses. I was a consumate question poser. I never stopped. Each of the men I worked for could not help but teach me more. Each of them saw something in me that was worth their while to take time with and so I, well I was just plain lucky. I learned from some of the top people in this country (chairmen of steel corporations, electronic components, hospitals) and many of them self-made men who gave me faith that just because I learned late doesn't mean I didn't do a good or better job of it than a "traditional learning" person. I took the same tests so all was fair. As a matter of fact, they call it "testing out" here when you just take the final test and go on to the next grade. There were entire primary grades I can't remember at all. And I never had a school picture, because I was never there on picture day!

I have never heard of an abdominal migraine. I'll look that up. If it happened in your young school days and "slept" till your 30's, I wonder if hormones or lack of hormones, could trigger it?:

I hope they are not impacting your life so seriously these days. There are some serious migraine sufferers on this site. We all know they can undermine your entire life. But, you'll find help to get you through here.

Warm wishes, smiles and prayers to you.



I "check out" or "tune out" all the time. While watching TV, talking in person or on the phone, and listening to other people talk. I check back in and I have no idea what was said. Often times I forget what I am saying while I am saying it.... I'm sure this happened while in school as well, if only I could remember things. :)


Hi yes I found it very hard to concentrate even back when I was at school....I used to ( & everyone else!) used to just think it was who I was!

I can remember the teacher talking but hardly ever taking it in ??!!

Unless the lesson was 'hands on' & was a lecture type lesson I found it a struggle....& now I am still the same especially if inr is low to concentrate & have trouble reading books or long posts as dont always take it all in?!

I had a very good immune system as a child & never got anything was only in my late 20's - 30's I started to develope allergies, asthma, even chicken pox.......


Yes it took me until 28 to get chicken pox... but it was awful...however during childhood caught everything in sight continually! Mary F x


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