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ESA medical

Oh dear, was told by the DWP that I had to have a representative go with me to my appeal medical. So I worked hard to get myself a welfare officer (not so easy for any old person like me). Had to wait 3 months for my first appointment with her, sent in relevant paperwork to inform DWP. Welfare Officer told me don't send in any supporting documentation till you've seen me. Meantime I did as I was told and informed the welfare officer that I had a date for tribunal.

Finally had my welfare officer date last week, she announced that she'd applied for a postponement to my medical as she was not working that day. DWP refused the application, leaving me with no time left to send in my documents in support of my application ! I've spent months collating all this evidence..I'm crushed. I went for help and now it seems all my own efforts to keep on top of it, have all been wasted + I also have to go without a representation after all..honestly I just give in to my fate..kicking myself for trusting someone with my life..I was so organised up until this point !!!!!!!!!! I have a witness to come with me..but just a friend ! In so much muscular pain and migraines..feel so ill and despondent at moment, feel like I'm banging my head at a brick to say !

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I am so sorry for you but cant you ask for somebody to stand in for your welfare officer. Surely they just can't leave you in the lurch like this they know tribunals can't just be cancelled because you would be waiting months for another date.

Take all your evidence with you and explain to the court that you were let down at the last minute and you respectfully request that you submit them. They have the power to adjourn while they read the documents and if they refused to do so you would be able to claim this was unfair as its clear the DWP should have allowed the change of date. You also need to contact your MP urgently. Also do you have a law centre near you? If you have time can you go there today and see if somebody can advise you or even represent you. Good Luck.


Hi I went to an appeal for DLA last September and when I got there they asked me if I had any further documentation that I wanted the panel to see and they will/should photo copy it for you. I was dreading the experience but other than me being very emotional it went very well and the clerk and the panel were really lovely and did everything at a pace that suited me. Good luck x


Thank you for your welfare officer arranged to have the hearing adjourned on the morning of the tribunal. I now have to wait for another date ! Goodness what a nightmare journey this is. My ankylosing spondalitis is so tedious at the moment, I'm just so tired by everything..if I ever get to hell I will be locked in a room doing continuous paperwork for the DWP !!!! lol !!!


Ohhh Rhian i am so sorry to hearu have had so many problems n so little support, as long as u can get all ur medical evidence sent into the court before the hearing then dont worry about sending it into the DWP. the court sends copies to them. I have waited 8 months for my hearing date so although this is a long wait it gives u plenty of time to get everything in. Tribunal wasnt told until 4 months into my appeal and you have until 1 week b4 to get everything in. i have had a welfare officer but to be honest i have done it all myself but with fone support from them, together with my medical evidence i have printed things from the internet that explains my condition and symptoms. i know u can give in evidence on day but it is more likely to be adjoured. Good Luck hun i have my Tribunal on Thursday so i got everything crossed for outcome nearly 9 months of hard worrying slog


Just wanted to say Good luck with your Tribunal on Thursday


Hi did your tribunal go on Thursday ?


Tribunal was adjourned on the morning due to the fact that my welfare officer was not able to attend..have to wait for another date now !!! Thanks for support everyone x


Hi all,

Not good to be hinest i didnt win my appeal and have been left with the same points i went in with. If i am honest i sent in over 100 pages of evidence including 4 medical reports done for my old employers laying out exactly what i can and cant do since my diagnosis and i dont believe that they had read any off it which i find discussing, i found they only questioned the medical report done by ATOS. i get 6 points for standing and sitting and nothing for mobility even though i can not walk no more than 50 meters but because i maybe able to do it in a WHEELCHAIR they awarded me no points. the thing that hurts the most that i have fought for my life and my fought to stay out of a wheelchair and come so far these past few years but they dont care really they dont they just want to put us all into a box and forget what we have to go through on a daily basis.

I am disgusted and worried what the future will hold for me and my condition

My welfare officer supported me on the day and was also shocked by the decision and has told me that i can ask for a break down how the decision was made but how can i do continue to fight when the question is written Can u mobilise with walking aids/ wheelchair 50 meters, 100 meters or 200 meters??? they are not bothered if u do not use a wheelchair it is the fact that i could if i had one !!!!

Think we will all be ordering our wheelchairs soon and see how much that costs the government......... My understanding was they wanted to save money

Thanks for ur support guys

Gud luck with all ur fights hope u get what u all rightly deserve xx


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