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Just had phone call from ATOS my medical (11am today) has been cancelled the doctor is sick!!!!!

They will phone me with new date. I had no sleep last night and just spent 1/2 hour trying to find my birth certificate getting myself stressed. My daughter has had to go into work now so she will be able to have time off for next appointment.

Do they not realise how stressful this all is ....


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Really sorry Sharon and no they don't! To them it's just another day at the office. Try and have day for yourself today and take your mind off it completely, after all there is nothing you can do now so might as well forget about it for the time being. Try and do something nice even if it is just a little pamper session like a nice soak in the bath and then sit in the sun if you have any where you are. X


Ditto to the above, Sharon, have a very nice day. Mary F x


So sorry you have had this experience. I'm sure it won't help ease your feelings but you are not alone. Many of us have received treatment such as this. I had my medical back at the beginning of Feb. 2012 and am still awaiting a decision. The above advice is good. Give yourself a little treat, do something nice for yourself that you wouldn't normally do. Sending you a big hug xxx


Thanks everyone. had an afternoon nap so feeling bit more relaxed



I had my medical here in France and waited a year for the decision if that helps any one abroad! but at least I was still on Incapacity benefit during that time! was then placed in wrag group for 365 days...although when abroad you do not have to attend any work related stuff.....but after 365 days all benefit will be stopped dead with nothing of course you have to appeal or it means no drugs or further treatment here in France! Sorry I do not know it other EU countries are the same for medical coverage. x


You have my sympathy and empathy x


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