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ESA - medical

Got date for medical 13th september. They have sent route to get to centre states takes 7 mins to walk to bus stop at the end of the road. Actually takes me 30 mins to walk to end of road, dont think I will be following their instructions as will involve me walking than getting bus than a train and finally walking.

Think I will need alot of luck!!!!

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My advice to you is make your own way and go with somebody. Ask for your interview to be recorded and send a copy of that request to your MP and let them know you have coped your MP! If you go on your own, take public transport, make any attempt to get there other than by somebody taking you to the door, they will give you no points and you will be deemed fit to work. Thats just the start.........

If you want details from the Benefits & Work website about advice on attending these medicals please PM me with your email address.


Hi Lynn

Just found the advice on attending medical that you emailed me had not downloaded that page going to now. Have to say the advice from Benefits &Work information was really helpful.

Cannot use public transport due to limited eyesight and cognitive problems my daughter is going to drive me there and come in with me.

Thank you again for sending me the information



Hi Lynn,

I have my assessment on Thursday, I would be very grateful if you would send me the same information.

As you know you sent me all the DLA info but I am assuming that ESA is slightly different. I did e-mail you but the e-address failed so hope you get this instead.

Any advise would be very much appreciated.

One good thing is that I have just been given some crutches to help me with my balance etc. So will go in on both and answer all questions as 'bad day' scenario.

Do I call to request that assessment is recorded or ask when I get there?

Thanks for all the advice and support you give us all.

Kind regards Sue


My Pleasure to you both and Good Luck :-)

As far as the recording of the assessment is concerned, I believe you need to contact the people who have written to you informing you of the assessment. If they try to tell you that its too late or that you cant cancel because there are no machines available, tell them that Chris Grayling himself has said in the House of Commons that you can postpone an assessment if there are no machines available (if you want the details I can provide) and ask them are they arguing with him!! Do not be bullied by them on this one.


Please could you send me this information as I am in the exact same boat, how can I send you my email?? many many thanks


Hi Tracey

PM me with your email address :-)



Take a look at the following web content. This, I hope, will help you prepare for your ATOS medical.

Good luck


Thanks a lot



just called ASOS requested recorded interview for my appointment on Thursday. They said no recording available on Thursday so have to rearrange appointment and they will send me another one!

We shall see!

Still got DLA to deal with on Friday though.

Not doing my anxiety condition much good.

X aaagh!


You need to ask for that to be recorded too!!



I had mine a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't as bad as it was when I went twice before for the incapacity benefit. The doctor didn't prod & poke me or get me to do anything. We just sat and had a consultation and she was really nice.

They were running behind, by the time I got in it was 45 minutes late and I was in a lot of pain and discomfort by then and I didn't hide it so I think that also helped.

It only took 2 weeks to get the decision letter through too. And they put me straight into the support group. So I was really pleased. I was dreading it as when it was incapacity benefit both times I went through it I ended up at tribunals so I could keep the benefit.

I hope both of yours go as well as mine did.

Best wishes



Hi just seen this post. Will your doctor not do you a letter providing medical proof of having aps and what it's like to live with it. They could detail all your symptoms/side effects of aps, and also your medication. It will ensure nothing is forgotten, as we are forgetful, and I get confused and flustered when people ask me lots of questions(but that could just be me!). It may be a good idea to write things down yourself as you remember them, so you have a good log of stuff to take with you on the day? Just a thought to try and help


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