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Bleeding in eye

Hi I went for my regular check to the optican on saturday and was told 9eventually ) I have a bleed in my right eye. I have been having a pain occasionaly but thought nothing of it. He said it was possibly due to blood thinners and he would writte to my gp. I am on clexane 150 mg. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced any thing like this and should i be worried



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I have heard about it before from others, best to get it checked but dont go worrying yourself too much........I've even known people to sneeze without thinners & it's happened to them?

How long has it been hurting for before you noticed the bleed?

Hopefully your gp will see you soon with it to hopefully put your mind at rest or give you a better answer than I can, to what may have caused it .....if not the thinners, good luck, keep us posted x


Hi there, hope this gets sorted, and more likely after the week-end - now! I am glad you are off to get some medical scrutiny. Mary F x


Thanks for your replies. I was only getting one sharp pain every few days but it was strange my eye felt as if should be bleeding though it wasnt


Hi Margaret

I have had bleeds into the white of my eye several times. My Optomertrist has told me no to worry and that such bleeds are common and rarely a problem. He said that the blood vessels in the eye are delicate and can be easilly damaged and ruptured by rubbing the eye or even by coughing.

best wishes.



Thanks for that Dave. I also have had bleeds in the white of my eye and was told not to worry but this bleed is in the back of my eye and what spoked me was the optitian seemed concerned but i have had a call from my GP this morning and have an appt to see him on Thursday so i might know more then


I'm probably barking up the wrong tree but this sounds like is a symptom associated with auto immune diseases. my brother has to go to the hospital when his flares up and they sort him out prompto..hope this info is of use to you..take care.


Thanks I'll look into that


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