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My story

I am 47 year old Mum of 3 and 1 fantastic stepson. My blessings, are a wonderful partner, My beautiful children. 3 crazy dogs, one a puppy. so very busy home. I am currently doing a degree with Open uni. Brain fog doesn`t help, lol,

I`ve had many miscarriages, a dvt and PE, plus migraines etc, Sadly Took a long time to get a diagnosis. I saw article on tv news and asked for test for hughes syndrome, without that I dont think would have got this far. I have appointment at St Thomas`s this week so hoping can get meds sorted to help with pain and itching.

I have APS, fibromyalgia, Awaiting confirmation but they think I have SLE (Lupus) too, I also have asthma, allergies, degenerative disc disorder, hernia, etc.

Meds are lifelong warfarin, atorvastatin, sertraline, tramadol, antihistamine, motelukast, omaprazole, domperidone, various inhalers for asthma, occassional steroids and nebuliser.

So thats my story, the short version anyway, hope all not feeling too bad today, Take care, gentle hugs Jessielou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Welcome to the gang. I have 3 dogs at home too (2 of mine are puppies!) I think that animals are one of the best forms of therapy! Keep busy



Thanks tasch i agree dogs keep us sane. Puppy makes us smile cos he loopy. Sorry took so long to reply lost the plot again this week. Hope you well. Take care, hugs jessielou x x x x


sheena -was just reading your story, you have had a pretty resent dia. ?? of hughes. i should do a story i guess i have read yours before but i guess i needed a fix. i will be talking to you soon -----------------jet


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