New article in April edition of Choice magazine

Hi All

A new in-depth article has just been published:

FYI - this article was written by our friendly health journalists, Judy Hobson ( who I hope will be able to make it to the Patients' Day.

Choice magazine is subscription only but has a circulation of 268,000 so is widely read.

Thanks to Teresa Hunter for agreeing to share her story with us so we could put her in touch with Judy.

This highlights how important it is for the HSF charity to have as many of your stories on our database. Kudos to everyone who has been brave and is helping others by letting us have their stories - we have almost 110 now but we always need them on file.

If you want to share your story, please email me at and I will send you the questionnaire :)

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  • Hi couldnt get the link to work so here it is for anyone else

    Great article!!!

  • Thanks. This Yank has never heard of Choice magazine so I appreciate the heads up.


  • Just read this - a great article, have forwarded this on to both my GP and also my children's paediatrician! Mary F

  • Thank you so much. i will be forwarding this to my dentist as well...teresa

  • Thank you, a great article

    Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • A very good article. Thank you for taking the time to add it to this site.

  • Good to read, thx

  • Hi Kate finding it difficult to access this online any other way? Thank you Traceylouxx

  • Yes, not sure why but please see the link Sarita put in - that one works or you can just view it from the Latest section on the HSF website :)

  • Great publicity article, thank you for sharing x

  • Nice Article. May I translate it to Portuguese and share it on my APS blog? Please?

  • Yes of course the charity says yes, but you might have to ask Choice Magazine for copyright permission to stay on the legal side. I'm sure the journalist Judy Hobson wouldn't mind either but the article now belongs to the magazine.

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