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Saw my General Practioner

She truly showed concern for my symptoms and didn't try to say you are stressed or crazy which was great. She mentioned that many are neurologic in nature and is running a bunch of blood tests to rule out other common causes like thyroid, A1C, magnesium, and vitamin D as well as the basics like a lipid panel, kidney function, etc. I asked her if she would add the lupus anticoagulant panel since it was positive once in the past and she added it but when I asked that could this be the cause of these strange symptoms she quickly said No that it causes a stroke and you haven't had a stroke... lol... I knew not to take this to heart because of my own research and knowing that most docs here have never even heard of hughes or APS but at least I am having the test run again and will repeat it as required. I hope we get something figured out as I would rather not head down the MS path but this was again mentioned and will be seeing her in one month to discuss yes or no on MRI.

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Hi ya what a great GP you got hun she is defo doing a good screen for you i dont know your full history but hopefully with such a good gp i hope they get to the bottom of your illness - and a difinative diagnosis soon kathy


Hi there, this is good that screening is being done, and perhaps later on another APS test. At least some progress, and there are plenty of good papers you can download from The Hughes Syndrome Foundation website. Mary F x


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