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London support group meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday 13th June) at St Thomas'

Hi All

Just to let you know that Ann is holding her monthly support group meeting in the Riverside lounge area (just past AMT coffee shop) at St Thomas' Hospital tomorrow starting at 5pm.

It would be good if as many people could go along as a researcher, Heidi Lempp, is coming to find out about APS and fatigue as she is planning a study on it.

Hope to see you there.


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Hi Kate

I am not in London again, so cannot make it.

Louise x


Sorry, too short notice to make it. Please can a post be put on a couple of weeks in advance if possible as I would love to go to these but just can't rearrange my schedule and travel to London with 12 hours notice.


Sorry for the short notice but Ann normally posts but she's hurt her shoulder (quite seriously) so only asked me yesterday. I will let you know the next one within plenty of time. Don't worry about missing out on the study as I will be facilitating with Heidi and all the charity members will be asked to be involved.


Thanks kate that sounds interesting. Ditto on notifications of the meeting. I would have liked to have attended too.


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