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London Hughes Support Group meeting


This is just to let anyone who is interested know that the next meeting of the London Hughes Support Group will take place on Wednesday 30th April from 5.30 - 6.30pm in the Haemophilia Centre, 1st floor, north wing, St Thomas' Hospital. The topic has yet to be confirmed, but the last two meetings have been very interesting and both followed by general discussions.

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Hi all

Thank you Yvonne for posting this.

The group is run so that every 3 months we have a formal meeting with a guest speaker. In between, at about every 6 weeks we have an informal meeting so folk can just come and chat. That is held in Riverside lounge in St Thomas from 5 to 7pm.

The next one will be March 19th. We would love to see anyone who is interested and can make it. Just to have coffee and share.

Keep well!

Blessings Ann


Good luck with your meeting, I hope it goes really well :-D

Always great to meet others, let us knowhow it goes....& show pics of course! :-D xx


Tee hee! - I think the Christmas photos would be quite amusing, particularly Sophia and 'Clive'. I did like the way London Lass gave some mince pies to the ambulance drivers - she spreads happiness wherever she goes :) xx


Hi London Hughes Support Group, I am very interested in this meeting. I live in Windsor and would find it Helpful for me to meet anyone Else who actually has Aps. I have only emailed a few people. I find it a little difficult to have anyone actually contact me from HughesUnlocked . I am not very good with the computer, am new.


Thanks for all our support. Yeah right.


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