A break in the pain

Hi there, I just have to share this to you... Maybe this is old news for you, but for those who are new to the disease and live in constant pain (like me) this might bring some hope... Well, following my doctors instructions I decided to try something other than gym like weight lift. But I couldn't find anything interesting. Then, I remembered that I used to take swimming classes and decided to try it again... I am swimming three times a week in warm water and since I started ( two weeks ago) the pain got so much better. It's been two weeks I do not need pain killers so I am really thrilled about that. In the beginning it hurts like crazy but by the end of the class, I am pain free. Have you ever tried swimming classes to stop the pain?

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  • Hi there, yes I have found swimming most helpful, currently it is out of reach for me, the North Sea... takes my breath away with coldness.. and then makes me burn a high temperature to catch up again, and the local pool appears to give me nasty ear infections... but hopefully this will change soon. I am definitely worse without exercise and I like to keep my weight down! Mary F x

  • I use to swim on the swim team and have found that by putting a drop of alcohol in your ears each time you get out of the water dries up the water and kills most any kind of bacteria that may cause those ear infections.

  • yes I had a solution made up for me of vinegar and alcohol used quite often for swimmers ear.. I have to balance it though, as unfortunately I have psoriarsis deep inside my ears -oh the joy of autoimmune! x

  • Hi Mary,

    Interesting about the ears, my doc been treating me for eczema in my ears, but he not sure whether it is or not!!!

    Just another thing driving me nuts at the moment, related?? I shall be speaking to doc, cos my son having similar issues!!

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Congrats on finding a fitness approach that works for ! Keep it up.

  • think i will try swimming instead of the gym work outs ;-) xx

  • That is a wonderful idea, especially if you struggle with daily pain and work out gym seems worse. Ask your doctor if he/ she allows it. Some of them are controversial about this. Xoxo, Bia

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