Strong pain in the foot

Does this happened to someone else?

I just (maybe half an hour ago) had a very strong pain on my foot, in the first third of the bone that follow the big toe (i think it is called metatarsal). The pain was very sharp and was much stronger than on any broken bone I ever had. It lasted for a few minutes. Now I have a small pain along than bone.

Did this happen to any if you? Do you know what may have caused it?

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  • Maybe a check up if this does not go away, or it becomes difficult to walk, as Metatarsal fractures without injury do crop up from time to time:


  • Thank you.

    At the moment it is difficult for me to walk. I will do my best to check it tomorrow

  • Insist on an xray if it does not improve. MaryF

  • I have had several metatarsal fractures even 1 when I was on warfarin .they happened without trauma and usually the skin above was inflamed .yes go and get it xrayed

  • I have a similar experience and agree with the others. But if there are no fractures then don't be discouraged. I have those phantom foot pains frequently too. Some of my Medics chalk it up to nerve problems related to APS. It helps me to stretch and exercise. That diminishes the pain unless I stop stretching.

    But get a physical exam and x-ray before resorting to that approach.

  • thank you Danny.

    Did you do an EMG to check the possibility of nerve dammage?

  • David: Yes, they conducted several nerve conductivity tests including EMG. They could tell they was abnormal nerve signals but, as they ignore APS as a real illness, could not assign a a cause. They assumed the damage is irreversible. I get acupuncture 2x per month, wear orthotics in my shoes, keep up on the self massage and it all helps to manage the pain.

  • If they can't find any explanation, a possibility is Raynauds. Many of us have Raynaud's with APS (and after 5 years of APS, I was just diagnosed with Lupus, dang.) A few years ago the pain in my feet from Raynaud's was excruciating, and now I have pain in my fingers that hasn't subsided for a couple of months. It's getting better with the warmer weather now.

  • thank you all.

    i had an x-ray and nothing is broken.

    my GP is sending me to do an US, but i have an appointment only next thursday.

  • Hi,

    I had something very similar and was diagnosed with a Morton's Neuroma. It was a sharp pain that stopped me in my tracks and literally took my breath away. I tired the insoles and eventually had it removed. Might be worth checking it out...amongst everything else.


  • My feet started with Pain in the pads behind toes then on the outside of heals- it went on to developed sore's that wouldn't heal this was in Feb. 2015 . I ended up in a wound care center - went to Podiatry - skin specialists in two different places . then finally in May I was hospitalized-. they gave me an antibiotic that was the strongist i could get , it was a IV. i got it at midnight - . first night had a bad reaction to it and was rushed down for a Cat scan . breathing and muscle spasms were bad. they were talking amputation if they couldn't stop it .I had a wound that i could open up and see my heal bone and it wouldn't bleed .. They wouldn't even consider APS ven though i brought it up constantly. after getting out of the hospital Left foot still intact . would changed my bandages twice a week , it had to remain dry at all costs My bandaging consists of 3 layers , one being like an outfishal skin this went on with it very slowley getting smaller and better. It was mid Feb 2016 before i was finally able to go with out bandages . I have special Orthotic's for boots and hiking shoes. I just in the last couple of month am starting to have pain but I believe it is time for new orthotics So if you start to see dry skin patches keep moist and cracks start to develope . go to Doctors fast don't let it get a hold -that is what happened to me and it was a hellish year with the thought of amputation . They never did identify the cause -- they just listed it as foot sores !! keep a close eye on it if this starts .

  • Hi Jim,

    I only want to wish you luck and that you miss those bandages

  • RE jet's foot ulcers...

    I luckily developed only a small black ulcer on a toe which resolved itself in about 1-2 months, while going thru year long painful foot problems about 6-8 years ago. I took a ton of ibuprofen to get thru each day, under a doctors order, after seeing many doctors and no credible diagnosis. Then 5 years ago I had the PEs and APS diagnosed, along with Raynauds. Now it's been my hands' turn to hurt like hell, and this time fingers becoming so inflamed and swollen to feel like they were on fire. Continued for months. Skin molted off like a snake. Very tender but they're finally getting better. This happened with a diagnosis of Lupus 2 months ago during a severe flare that attacked my lungs --now on steroids and immunosuppressant Cellcept. (I asked on this forum last fall about repeated pneumonias since I was on non-stop antibiotics for resistant pneumonia from October to January -- I remember, I think it was Gina, who told the story about similar pneumonia symptoms with someone getting bit by a tick, and not being diagnosed before losing part of his lung which was not necessary. :-( SO what mine did turn out to be -- in October a bout of pneumonia, but the continued problem months after was Lupus attacking my lungs that acted and looked still like pneumonia on the Xrays. Nice to finally have an answer, though that certainly wasn't a welcomed one. Sorry, I digress, but all of our different symptoms are so related to the autoimmune family.

    Officially my finger trouble, like the feet, is diagnosed Reynauds, but I'm guessing it is also circulation / blood vessel damage/ vasculitis / APS related in not getting the blood pumping well enough to and from the extremities. Have they ever found WHY the APS-Raynaud's connection? I have low cholesterol, low LDL, but doctors want me on a statin drug. There's some evidence it improves the APS blood vessel damage, smooths them a bit, more pliable, to lessen risks of clots. I've chosen not to take a statin, so far.

    David, any answers or new symptoms with your foot pain? I hope it's gone away!

  • If not, gabapentin for peripheral neuropathic nerve pain might be suggested by your doctor.

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