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Bio identical HRT and blood clots

I have bee on bio identical, compounded HRT for @ 3 years. I planned to face menopause ith out hormone help. But when my a fib got worse, I decided to give them a try. At first it was progesterone cream and greatlyimproved my energy levels. Then I transitioned to an oral estriol. Progesterone, DHEA formulation.

This past 18 months I have seen a dramatic increase in pain, which in hind sight was probably due to insufficient coagulation.

But I wonder -- does anyone know of a connection between BIOIDENTICAL hormones and increased risk of blood clots in APS? I'd like to start coming off these hormones, but I also don't want to upset any apple carts. Any info would help.

( and yes, I know the strong relationship between Premin and clots, but the bio identical cheerleaders claim their product has no such baggage. I am a skeptic.)

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Hi there, not sure. I use no synthentic hormones, only natural progesterone cream which I import. BIg pharma rubbished natural progestone many years back as they could not patent it... but I used to get it on the NHS in 1980's. Probably somebody on here will answer more accurately than my own personal regime. Mary F x


I don't know the answer to your question, but I went cold turkey when it came to

menopause. And darn glad I did. It might of been hard for awhile but it just didn't take that long to get through it all.


Hrt hormones double your risk of blood clots, in a normal person. I don't know what our risk would be.


The research that was done in the past used synthetic hormones only (i.e.: progestin vs progesterone), not bio-identical. There is a big difference. They are coming up with new research constantly about benefits of natural progesterone, one article of interest is:

which deals with how it, along with vitamin D, can 'be a beneficial role in the treatment of ischemic stroke'.


This comment is perhaps, outside the scope of your query.....but it came to mind.....I was prescribed SSRI's (anti-depressant medication) ad address mood swings during menopause...My MD said this was better than hormones...worked like charm.......Also....I have found out that if I take Ibuprofen address whatever "inflammation" response was creating a mild 'malaise' ....appears to be working.....I am feeling well on a daily basis...

I take 320mg Aspirin for APS and Plaquenil....for an unspecified connective tissue disorder


Yes luisa... I take Wellbutrin as well!


I was told to not even try bio identical hormones... my doctor said it is not worth the risk as they may say it does not increase your clot APS it isnt a good idea. I went into early menopause when I turned happened in 3 months and BOOM...i had the hormones of a 65 year old woman (literally). As a result the degenerative disc disease has moved along at a quicker rate. BUT all in all...It has been ok. I recommend a diet of all natural veggies, fruits and proteins. I use no processed foods. No sugars and no flour. It sounds horrid but it has proved to be very helpful in my overall health. When I first started eating this way my mood improved...I lost 65 pounds and had a ton of energy. Let me add I drink at least 6 bottles of water per day as well.

It isnt easy at first...but well worth the change. I did go off it for a while..(fell off the and gained 35 pounds and started having tummy problems and allergies all over again.

So back on the wagon I am!


Thanks. It was my preference to avoid all hormones, but again, my a fib was acting up and the HRT did stop those flutters. But I am definitely in menopause now, so I'm hoping my doc will supervise my coming off them. He sounds as though he'd like me to take them forever.

Again, thanks to all for sharing your wisdom and experiences.



Well Ive been on HRT patches since I was 36 due to Endometriosis and a Hysterectomy. I have tried coming off them twice but on both occasions I have suffered fractures and my hormones were all over the place so because I am on heparin everyone is quite happy for me to continue.

Like everything in life its a balance - you can just as easily fall, break a hip and die as you can from anything else. Bones are just as important but people get carried away with research that shows 4 extra deaths than normal!


I also went through menopause at 41 and have been on bio-identical hormone replacement for 10 years. (Estrace and prometriuem). I have APS and am on aspirin and soon, plaquenil. My doctor thought the risk of bone disintegration going through mp that young was inevitable. I have had no issues, clots or otherwise, and my hematologist is fine with it. I will go off eventually but the sleeplessness and bone bit was enough to to make me crazy. Best 10 years. Wouldn't have traded it for the world.


*prometrium !


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