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Bleeding on clopidogrel - what's normal?


Hi all

I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year and have been on clopidogrel since. I've noticed that when I get little nicks, like grazing myself (I'm v clumsy!), something that previously wouldn't have bled or would have bled v little, it bleeds quite a bit now. It's perfectly manageable, but it kind of scares me as to what would happen if I really hurt myself. Is it normal to bleed more and do we need to try to avoid potentially dangerous situations to avoid bleeding out?

Hope I'm not sounding too neurotic here ;)


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Hi there, just found you some papers to read: eurheartjsupp.oxfordjournal...


But I think to be on the safe side and for further info, can you go back to the GP/Consultant who prescribed it? They will be able to answer you in more detail.

Mary F x

Paleosooze in reply to MaryF

Thanks so much Mary :) I'm actually seeing Prof K a week on Friday, so I'll ask him. He's planning on doing a brain MRI to see if I have damage/small clots (whatever it is that causes memory problems??), and said that might mean me changing treatment at some point anyway. I was mainly a bit freaked out as I went on a rope climbing frame with my daughter at the weekend and came away with loads of bruises (which I knew to expect) and quite a bit of blood inside my jeans from the tiniest of grazes, which I didn't even know I'd done! Oh the joys eh? ;)

Susie x

MaryFAdministrator in reply to Paleosooze

Oh, well that is a good thing, hang on and wait for him, but do feed back as it is useful. I know people often bruise more, but even so, It will be useful for us all to hear his feedback via yourself. Mary F x

Paleosooze in reply to MaryF

Will do. Need to remember to include this on the list of things I need to remember to ask him!

Coppernob in reply to Paleosooze

Hi Paleo, can I ask, do you get any other problems with Clopidogrel? I think I tried it once before (Plavix - same thing, right?) and had problems, but can't remember (of course!) what, exactly. Some sort of stomach irritation/bloating? Would be very helpful to know cos I'm in the middle of a clexane trial, feel better so suspect I need more anti-coag, but don't want either warfarin or to continue with the clexane injections ....hmmmm, tricky. So I was wondering about clopidogrel/plavix. Thanks!

I was diagnosed at age 45, though I had my first DVT at age 32.

And I have no idea if my experience has any relavance to you. Going on anti-coagulants can be tricky at first.

But when I was a kid I decided I was tougher and stronger then my playmates because when they fell and scraped their knees they would bleed. A lot. But I rarely would.

Now that I am on warfarin,if I scratch a mosquito bite I will bleed. If I scrape my knee (2 months ago for the first time since I was a kid -- my bike skidded on algae growing across the street.) I actually bled. And needed a band aid! Guess I'm not tough anymore. My inner 8 year old is embaressed.

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