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Fever for a week?

Hi all...been a bit of a rough week as I have had a low grade temp all week. Its been from 99.6-101.8 which doesnt seem bad but when it drags out this long it becomes old fast. No source of infection and doc wont put me on an antibiotic unless he can find the problem. No other symptoms that would indicate a flu or virus. I am on Fragmin 15,000 IU and have read a couple of places that fever can be a reaction but the doctor seems to think it couldnt be.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Any time I have had a fever, the source has been found. Has anyone had fevers that just happen that are attributed to APS in any way?



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Sorry to hear this... all I can say is that I have had a reaction to a virus for the las 4 days, which has put my temperature up... although not by much as mine is too low in the first place - (hypothyroidism), however my daughter has had one... there does seem to be an awful lot lot around currently. Also if I get a lupusy type flare, this normally makes my temperature rise. I hope you feel better soon, and the weather picks up! Mary F x


Hi Beverly

Sorry to hear about your fever.

I have looked at the side effects of fragmin in the BNF (the drugs bible in the UK) and fever is not listed as a side effect.

Best wishes.



Yes, I often get a low grade fever which is from an 'unknown cause'! Like Mary, I put it down to lupus-like flares (been given steroids in the past) but it is frustrating and unsettling to not know exactly what and why....if only we could plug ourselves in to something and get a definite read-out! I sometimes exhaust myself trying to work out a reason but I do find that rest helps although knowing how long it will take to feel better is like the proverbial piece of string!!



I too get low grade fevers whose origin is never determined. Of course my "normal" temp is around 95-96, So my first hurdle is convincing the doc that a temp of 100 is actually rather high for me.

Oddly enough, my metabolism runs high ( except for those fatigue days) my thyroid seems fine and no doc has ever considered Wilson's. I must be part polar bear.

Good luck. I know living with ambiguity is hard, particularly when most of us Hughies know the consequences of missing some important early symptom.



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