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Has anyone had problems following a titanium dental implant?

Over the course of this year I have been having a dental implant installed. When I look back over my medical diary, I can see that about 3 days after every part of the procedure I've started to feel generally unwell - like flu without the fever. It seems to last about 4 weeks then pass off.

On 26 September I had the final part of the procedure, the permanent crown. Since then I've been feeling especially rubbish. To the extent that I'm only really functioning with the help of steroids (15mg/day seems to be the minimum required) and paracetamol. No fever, so not an infection.

I learn that there can be serious allergic issues with titanium (despite what dentists say), and particularly in autoimmune patients (oh goodee!). Which could be what's going on here and if so, that'll be a right pain in the whatsit as I guess the only solution would be to remove the implant and insert a bridge instead. No doubt at my (very great) expense.

BUT - is it that? In April this year I had the temporary crown replaced - with anaesthetic, but involving no new materials in my mouth (that I'm aware of) and had a similar, if milder, reaction then. Also, when I had the titanium implant surgically inserted, again I only had a milder version of my current symptoms. The final part of the procedure on 26/9 didn't involve anaesthetic or surgery or, again as far as I'm aware, any new materials in my mouth, yet I'm feeling much worse this time.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? And did they resolve in time or did you have to take more drastic action?

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I had two top front teeth removed and wanted implants but my dentist said a definitive no and so did another I asked. So I got a partial denture, already got one on the bottom, and am quite happy with it.

Do you think you are reacting to the anaesthetic?


Probably not the anaesthetic - think I only had anaesthetic once, but have reacted, to varying degrees, on 3 different occasions.


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I have a dental implant and have had it approx 10 years with no problems at all. I had it put in before I was diagnosed but I believe I had APS at the time.


Dental implants are expensive and risky procedures( ). It should be done by an experienced implant specialist. Even with experienced specialists there are chances of implantation getting failed, though very low. An improper implantation can not only cause a lot of money but can cause worse dental issues. Even with all these risks, implants provide with a tooth as good and strong as the original. Selecting a specialist is as important as anything in dental implant. Any pain or issues occurring after the procedure must be informed to the dentist and treated accordingly.


Have you done it?

Do you have APS? I think that the APS-doctor should be informed also. What do you think?

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Not me..But my mom has done it.. Last year. There was some issues with it.. She had severe pain for few days.. But specialist was good enough to identify the issue and treated well and implant was success anyway. After that so far she never had a problem. And also he did that follow up treatment free of cost. Otherwise it would have been a bad experience.


Are you sure you have a licensed periodontist or surgeon to install the dental implants? Maybe the pain varies from person to person. But if that worsens after several days, there could be something wrong with the procedure. I remember my best friend's implants which kept on dropping off due to a temporary dental bridge. His dentist did not specialize in dental implants. I suggest you consult a surgeon or top dentist ************ who is skilled in the placement of dental implants.

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My implant was installed by a specialist implantologist, top in the field.


Yes, I have had a similar problem. I had implants put in over two years ago, and it has been infected on and off since then. I have been on many antibiotics, which I'm sure has weakened my immune system. Just yesterday, I went ot two consultations. Each separately told me I have to have them removed. The source of the infection, they believe, is titanium. Zirconium is a much more stable metal, I think.

So, I am looking at having them removed and am looking for a periodontist, I guess. I have tried for several years to keep them, but I am going to have to have them removed. Now I am trying to find someone who has lots of experience in removing implants. I live in southern California. I know this is not the kind of reply you would like.


Around 4 years before I did dental implantation, Still its proper I don't have any issue

But some of my friends also have implanted tooth they are having some problem. The important thing consider before going to implant your tooth is the quality of the dental center. Here I would like to recommend from my experience a well known dental center in California.


Hi Jacksonrm, firstly do you have Hughes Syndrome/APS and if so where was it diagnosed, and secondly I hope you understand that we can't carry advertisements on here, it is against the well laid out guidelines. Thank you for your understanding. I have edited your recent comment above to a very old post. MaryF

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