Hi I was wondering if any of you have difficulty having blood taken and whethe this is something to do with APLS. I have an awful time when i have to have a blood test, aparantly my veins are not only small but deep. The last time i went for a CT they couldnt get a big enough needle in me , it keep popping every time they tried to put the contrast in causing the fluid to go into my tissues which was very painful. My record number of attempts to get a needle in is 17 and then they had to ring for an anistetist to come and do it. So anyone else have this problem


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  • Only when I was really sick, like you my veins kept popping, oh and when I was badly dehydrated. If I am ok, taking blood is easy.




  • Im very difficult to get blood from. My veins just simply disappear. Im having my INR checked two or three times a week at the moment. On friday it took three diffenent anticoagulant nurses to get my blood. But they just blamed me. I have asked for the finger blood system, works like a diabetic checking there blood sugar, but apparently im not that difficult to bleed, but no drs, nurse, phelmboists get it with out at least two attempts, and my arms are so bruised.

  • I must admit that while i was on warfrin they used the finger test and it was so much easier, but now im on Clexane my stomach could be a paint colour charet for a DIY store lol

  • My veins are small and roll and not very evident so yes they usually have trouble finding a vein and getting much out.

    Tell them your veins are tricky and ask for their best phebotomist amateurs.

  • Hi

    Yes, my veins are very shy too and this can cause problems for blood draws and for getting contrast fluid in for scans.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi yes I too have some difficulty having blood taken but since a nurse told me to drink plenty beforehand I dont seem to have any trouble now. Hope this is helpful xx

  • Sorry I meant drink plenty of water!!!!

  • Not being adequatly hydrated will also cause your blood to be sludge like which is the last thing you want with APS.

  • One trick the nurse told me was to wear gloves and a long sleeve wooly jumper so you hands and arms are warm which apparantly makes thins a lot easier. However when i had a scan one time they sat me with my arms and hands in a washing up bowl of as hot a water as i could stand and kept topping it up I was in it for half an hour but they still couldnt get a canular in. It is strange coz when i was younger i had no trouble. Maybe its just another of the delights of getting older !!!

  • Hi, I too have alot of trouble giving blood. My record of attempts is 14, where they tried arms, hands and feet to get anything out. At the moment I'm having my INR checked with a finger prick which hits the jackpot every time. If I have to go for any other blood test I have to make sure I'm wearing really warm clothing to attempt to bring the blood closer to the surface. I was told havin a hot drink works too, but have yet to see the results !!! It's nice to know I'm not the only human pin cushion out there though !!!

  • Thank goodnness so far They have only tried my hands I have a dread of them trying my feet, not because of the pain (as ive been told it idoes hurt ) but because i cant bear my feet touched

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