Doctors appointments!!!!

You have to phone at 8.00am to get appointment to see GP I phoned at 8.00am got through at 8.05am to be told all appointments have gone for today how about pre booking an appointment informed her I have but the next available appointment is the 11th May told to phone tomorrow morning at 8.00am you might get one!!!! yes and pigs might fly!!!!

Looks like another 9 days in pain.

Rant over

sharon xx

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  • Hi

    With us you have to phone in by 8:30 I have a few tips for you get a couple of people to phone for you start to phone 2 minutes b4 and you have a much better chance good luck for next time x

  • Try that next time annoying thing is I have to go to gp surgery today to have INR done.

    thanks xx

  • Yep I know its not good :( I need an appointment to be tested for fibro' as I am getting worse in a few things plus new stuff going on......

    I cant get in till next Tuesday!!

    They tell us to phone then for a morning appointment or after 11am for an afternoon appointment....quite often you cant get in!

    Sometimes what I do is phone them up & ask to speak to the doc' in question & when they phone you tell them if its an emergency & they may make an appointment for you there & then a little sooner?


  • What test is available to test for fibro?? I have had fibro for ten plus years, and I have been told there is no test.


  • wow.. i never heard of that.. is this in the USA???

  • I have my phone on repeat dial for the 8 am check in to get an appointment, I normally then get through and see the right GP, failing that they have an afternoon nurse led clinic, and one GP is usually on call, I have used this for myself and children quite a bit... they normally go and get the GP involved as I never go unless something is pretty bad. It should not be such a fight really. Just back from Bulgaria, where you just ring them up, any one of your choice , and they pop around to the house! Mary F x

  • Just found out all appointments had gone by 8.08 because you can book them on the internet so by the time you finally get through (took 8 minutes) they had gone!!!! Registered so can book online in future.

    sharon xx

  • wish I could do this at my surgery! ( Bit tough on those who don't have computer access though.) But my practice is very good - if you say you need an emergency appointment the triage doctor calls you back and if he/she can deal with you over the phone will do that or if not ask you to go and see them at the surgery or do a house call.


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