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Just a short query(hopefully As I write). Have any of you had a problem with doctors receptionists. I go and have a blood test every week/fortnight depending how good I am and book it with the phlebotomist each time. I've however had food poisoning and had to cancel when making another booking I was.told they were booked up for four weeks. Said it was urgent but could not get an appointment till April. Now I'm having to go into a day clinic and spend a day there because I'm feeling so bad and don't know how much warfarin to take. Very aggravating and totally unnecessary. Regards Diane

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  • Don't quite follow. At my surgery normal blood tests are done in a separate clinic or the hospital. Warfarin patients are seen at a dedicated anticoagulant clinic. Before this was set up you had to go to the dedicated clinic at the hospital. So you need to get this sorted out with whoever is in charge of monitoring you.

    It is vital you be tested after food poisoning or other illness as it can have quite an affect on your Inr.

    You need to be tested today. Get yourself to A&E and don't forget your yellow book. Good luck.

  • Sorry meant to add said A&E because they may be better than a walk in clinic.

  • Hi thank I for the rely. I am going to the hospital today. Unfortunately to have a blood test I have to book it thru my docs surgery and the receptionists r very difficult. My inr is dangerously low at the moment so am having to bypass the receptionists.

    Sounds like a much better system yr end.

    Regards Diane

  • Been to hospital my inr is now down to 3.8so it's coming along nicely. The hospital told me because of not having enough tests I had let it get out of hand. I explained about the doctors receptionists and they told me to take it up with the surgery. He also said he would send a note to my doctors explaining I need very regular blood tests.

    Wonder if the receptionists will get the message.

    Regards Diane

  • Well, this is the same problem in my GP practice. Long waiting list to get appointment. for blood tests providing I have the paper work I can go to a clinic every Wednesday at my GP practice or to the local hospital blood testing collection point during the weeks days, time , I go in the morning.

    If you have blood test paper work signed by your GP please try your local hospital.

    I'm feeling so bad and don't know how much warfarin to take. Very aggravating and totally unnecessary, your GP needs to explain to the receptionist that people who need regular blood tests given priority appointment.

  • Tried to explain to the doc the other day but he couldn't grasp the idea and just kept saying I must be admitted in hospital. I NEED a BLOOD TEST. regards Diane

  • I would explain that if you don't get an appointment you would need to have a appointment with a GP to discuss the medication you need to take

  • Did that to. Had a meeting with go n he panicked n wanted to admit me to hospital. Told him I just need a blood test but he didn't want to take the responsibility. Stupid or what. Regards Diane

  • Hi I suggest you meet with the GP and or practice manager so they can smooth this over for you, it is actually in their interest as well as yours. MaryF

  • Hi Mary. Done that. Unfortunately it got me nowhere. The hematologist at the hospital contacted the surgery n still they take no notice. Regards Diane

  • Oh dear, that sounds dreadful, so after a meeting with the practice manager and the GP, nothing happened! I hope you put it in writing copied to the Haematologist. Best of luck. MaryF

  • Many thanks I'm just going to bypass docs n go straight to the hospital haematology dept

    Regards Diane

  • This sounds like a good plan to me. MaryF

  • Hi,

    This sounds absolutely dreadful in my ears! I now wonder if you have got an APS-Specialist and also if you have the possibility to selftest as this is the best way to handle the anticoagulation which is so very important for us with APS to keep in range all the time.

    If you can not handle the INR in a correct way you should ask to be changed to Fragmin-shots perhaps. Talk about this problem with your APS-Specialist.

    Best wishes form Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hi Kirsten. I do have one of the leading aps specialists in England. My problem is Doctor receptionists who won't give me an appointment when needed.

    When I phoned up the docs to make an appt I was even told I didn't need one and if I did I would need certain paperwork. I got very annoyed at this point and told her I had all the necessary paperwork and when she was fully medically trained she could give me her valued opinion. She told me not to be so rude. My specialist won't let me self test as he said it wasn't accurate enough for me and fragments injections really don't agree with me.

    Regards Diane

  • Not accurate enough? Many surgeries are using Coaguchek machines now, albeit the professional multi-patient versions. Are you one of the small group of lupus anticoagulant positive who may not get on with self-test? (Some of us who are LA+ still manage with the self-test)

    It does sound as though may need to have a further discussion with your docotors, perhaps with some back up from PALS and a pile of evidence from here and elsewhere?

    Makes me even more thankful for the relationship I have with my GPs

  • To b honest it isn't so much my gps but the receptionists. Given up on go they just panic

  • But he must let you test your INR often enough to keep the right level. Otherwise you must ask to selftest or have Fragminshots like other members here.

    Take care


  • Many thanks Kirsten I'm going to hospital to get my bloods done now

    Regards Diane

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