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Well my INR range is 3-4.5 and the last couple of days felt tired etc checked myself and it is 3.2 but have an appt in Haem tomorrow, but noticed my hearing was muffled, as though one has climbed to a high altitude and then it is waiting to be popped. I feel good at 3.5. I feel so cold and living here in SW it is cold and today when we went out I just did not want to get out the car, mind you my husband said he was chilly too, so must have been cold!!! I do sometimes suffer from Tinnititus but this is a muffled feeling. I could go to bed now but I don't like going when my daughter is doing her A level revision, but will probably drop off as usual. Does anyone else suffer from this feeling?

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Hi Daisy, Have you ever been told you may have Menieres at all?

You could do with mentioning it to your docs.

As these symtoms sound very much like it....I have it & when I get it bad I have very bad dizzy spells as well as what you have just explained, I take stemitil (prochlorazine ) when I am like it, it starts to work quite quickly so after a few days I come back off them & see how I am....I only take them when I need them, not all the time.

Here is a link to explain it more:

Hope this helps you, Sue x


Hi Daisy, I don't have any helpful diagnosis but I have had this in my left ear. I get ringing in either of my ears but my left ear is my crazy little mistery. Sometimes out if the blue a almost lose my hearing, it's so muffled it sounds like it is under water it has never lasted very long a couple hours at most. Occasionally I get bouts of a thumping sound that will bug me its only my left ear, there's no rhythm like heartbeat or anything. maybe it's unrelated but when I am falling asleep I hear a loud noise that wakes me up but is not real. Not sure if that is my ear or in my head.

The more I think about it the more I realize why I thought I was losing my mind before diagnosis. I am sorry I have no answers for you but you are not alone.


I also have menieres with vertigo and tinnutus. I was told by ENT consultant that If you have one autoimmune disease the chances you have at least one other. having said that I know that Hughes can cause dizzyness ect but dont know if it affects hearing. Hope your feeling better soon



Hi there

I have hearing loss, and had tinnitus. I was referred to audiology, and did NOT have a 'getting old' hearing graph. The consultant reckoned that my hearing had been compromised by the Hughes, and that the sticky blood had affected the little hairs in my ears. I now have hearing aids, which I wouldn't be without. They not only improve my hearing, but the tinnitus has gone. They are so tiny no one knows I am wearing them, and they are NHS. Lovely.

Good luck with it.



I have had hearing loss that comes and goes for years. I thought it was normal because it felt like my ear went numb inside and I couldnt hear out of it for a short time. The link between the symptoms of Menieres and Hughes are common. I also have balance issues.

The EAR and Antiphospholipid Syndrome


Antiphospholipid inner ear syndrome.

Mouadeb DA,

Department of Otolaryngology, University of California-Davis, Sacramento, California, USA.

OBJECTIVE: This study was initiated to clarify the possible association between antiphospholipid antibodies,

CONCLUSIONS: These data support the hypothesis that antiphospholipid antibodies are involved in the pathogenesis of some forms of inner ear dysfunction, presumably by causing microthrombus formation in the labyrinthine vasculature. Basic science studies are required to better understand the mechanisms by which antiphospholipid antibodies mediate inner ear dysfunction. Clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of

anticoagulation in this group of patients are also required.

PMID: 15867658 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


I would give anything to be rid of the ringing in my the end of the day it can be maddening....but some days are ok.


I don't consider I have hearing loss, I seem to have hearing which just too good. Normal things sound very load to me. I am in a bout of tinnitus again which crazy I have antibiotics in the hope it is just fluid behind the drum. I would give anything to be free of the ringing right now.


Just an update. My tinnitus goes on in my left ear. An MRI was clear for an auditory tumour, so as far as ENT are concerned go away and live with it. The surprising thing for me when I finally got a hearing test in August, I have lost hearing in both ears, which oddly now I know about it is obvious. But though I have many symptoms of APS the tinnitus is pretty much the most distressing and soul destroying I have ever experienced.


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