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Anyone experienced hearing their heartbeat & muffled sound?

Hello fellow Hughies, it's been a while but I have been lurking :) on Sunday my hearing became muffled & I could hear my heartbeat. 4 days later it is driving me nuts! When i went to the Dr, I am sure he thinks I'm a nut job anyway but he said it is likely a plugged something or other tube and it should resolve itself in a few days. There's no infection or inflammation. I am not in any pain I just can't hear right. I checked my blood pressure, it is not high, it's actually low. In the past I have had bouts of muffled hearing for short periods and loud drumming but random & not any sort of rhythm, this is different. not sure if this is Hughes related. Has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you!

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Hi Sassy

I have occasional muffled hearing and whistling and rumbling noises, especially when I am having one of my 'funny turns'. I do get blocked Eustachian Tubes (which connect the inner ear to the throat) from time to time but the rumbling noise sometimes stops if I move my neck slightly only to return again a few seconds later.

Prof Hughes has referred me to Peter Savundra at the Portland Hospital in London. Peter Savundra is a hearing specialist who understands APS.

Best wishes.



Hi sassy, I have issues with my ears, namely tinnitus and hearing loss but I do also sometimes get a blocked feeling, oddly often in a nosy place. If your GP said you had a blocked eustacian tube but no infection one of the ways to try to rectify it is to chew chewing gum as te action of the jaw massages the eustacian tube helping it to clear. I hope your hearing gets back to normal soon.


Yes, my ears feel full sometimes. I also get ringing in my ears and dizziness. Usually first sign symptoms are worsening. Only thing that helps is more anticoagulation.


Hi Sassy,

About two and half years ago I woke up one morning with blocked ears and a feeling of pressure in them. I put this down to a head cold and blocked Eustachian tubes but some weeks later it hadn't cleared. I was later diagnosed with sudden hearing loss which is known to be associated with APS. The association though is not understood.

Ear Nose and Throat specialists advised me that when we experience hearing loss the body signals us this by giving the sensation of blocked ears as in the case of a head cold.The symptoms can vary over time and in my case there is often pressure in the ears, hearing loss (muffled hearing especially in a crowd or when there is background noise), occasional drumming which is your pulse and tinnitus.

My understanding is that this is an inner ear issue where excess salts are absorbed increasing pressure there. The symptoms can be similar to that of Meniere's disease.

One of the E N and Ts advised me strongly to adopt a low salt diet I have had great success by reducing drastically my dietary salt as is recommended for Meniere's. In fact there was a significant reduction in ear pressure and improvement in hearing within days.

Just ask if you want more info.




Laurie pls explain more


You have answered a 4 year old question.

If you are diagnosed with APS I suggest you put your own question on our site and you will get some answers perhaps.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


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