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Migraine and passing out

Hi all I was just wondering today I woke with a slight headache and thought nothing of it I got into work and it started to pound really bad next thing I know I was hitting the floor. I went to hospital they looked in my eyes and gave some pain killers but I still have this headache all over and feel like I'm still going to pass out is this part of aps and has this happened to any of you? I'm hoping I'm just coming down with something viral. H x

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Hi there - it could be either - keep checking in with the doctors' if it does not pass or you get any other additional symptoms. Best wishes. Mary F x


Hi Mary thank you for your quick response. Does this sound alarming that this happened I'm a really big worrier :) . H x


Hi Moon how is the headache



If you still have the headache I'd get it checked again.

I've pretty much had a constant headache for many years. Sometimes it is just in the background and other times it is excruciating. At the moment its excruciating.

You do need to rule out other causes though. Did they do any scans? Any blood tests?


Hi moonbug

Keep going back and getting checked hon, hope you feeling ok today.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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