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Just for info ......... the rlationship between MS and APS

Hi all - I just thought id put a quick note on here after a meeting with my Heamatologist, he says that the reason there is a link between MS and APS is not only because APS mimics MS in some of the traits of the illness, but also because a percentage of MS sufferers have also been found to have anticardiolipin antibodies present intermittingly, which i found rather interesting and didnt know. I know that until the discovery of APS a lot of people where misdiagnosed as having MS, but never realised the significance of it. I would love to wind forward another 20 years and see how all this unfolds and how all these different auto immune disorders are linked. MS although neurological is now classed as an auto immune disorder ive read (rightly or wrongly) just though it was an interesting point, im awaiting results of a lumber puncture to rule out MS as i am sero negative. It seems that this is a common occurence where MS has to be ruled out before committing to the diagnosis of APS. X

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Interesting news Emma, I also had a ? MS diagnosis 20 years ago, spent 7 years in a wheelchair, with misdiagnosis :( - got my APS diagnosis last November :) as you say what will another 20 years bring.

Smiles for a Sunday evening




Hi Emma

Thank you for sharing i know this debate is still going on and it really depends on the doc you are speaking to so the conversation continues!!

Once again thanks



Hi hon

as paddy says an ongoing debate. There are so many similarities and overlaps with other conditions.

Aps just weird.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Any autoimmune disease is weird.they all seem to

Mimic each other.



I have a diagnosIs of peripheral neuropathy and have sensory neurological problems related to this azonal neuropathy as well as my APS but I believe there are specific tests to diagnose MS and that a Neurologist would use these to diagnose MS.


As I have been diagnosed at various times with APS , atypical Guillaume Barre and transverse myelitis,and another family member with MS, I have read a lot about this link. Five in my immediate family have been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions. Add rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and Hashimotos to the list. The big question in why. We believe from what we have read that the evidence points to permeable intestine (leaky gut syndrome) and the dangers of today's highly modified gluten in the modern diet. For easy reading, check out WHEAT BELLY by Dr. Davis, a cardiologist. We have all removed gluten from our diets and have all seen dramatic results. As an added benefit personally, the frequent headaches, often leading to migraines have all but disappeared.


Thank you for this message. I have been saying this for many years. I reduced my wheat intake, and felt a difference. I looked at the site and, it makes good reading.


Funnily enough i had a friend who had fybromalgia and had to have tests done as they believed she was intolerant to a lot of things, i believe a lot of the chemicals/procssing of foods etc have a lot to do with the 'modern' illnesses people have


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