Auto immune and Rh neg blood types

Hi folks

I have been reading some stuff about Rh neg blood types being more disposed towards auto immune disorders, so may I ask who of you out there have Rhesus negative blood ? I suggested this question for a poll but have not heard anything back so thought I would post this as a question :)

Many thanks and king regards to you all

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  • I am Rh neg. I am diagnosed with APS


  • I am an APS patient and am A+ blood type.

  • APS and Sjogren's and fibromyalgia and A+ blood type

  • I'll make it three strikes for being A+


  • Hi there

    I did a poll on this on another forum. Interestingly enough it wasn't predominately negative, but there were a lot of As!! I am A negative. Perhaps it is the group not the negative factor??

  • Hi my blood type is AB neg , never really thought theremight be a connection, be interested to see if there is.

  • A positive here too. But rh negative.

  • Hi Renae, not sure how to read your reply, are rhesus negative and blood group A, or A rhesus positive? Thanks for your input :)

  • A Rh Neg to receive, but A RH Pos to donate with Anti D factor

    Primary APS

    There seems to be a theme here, I wonder how many more are A?


  • Similar to Renae's reply I am unsure of what your type is, are you A rhesus positive blood type, but able to accept A rhesus negative because the donation would not sensitize your blood type,or create an adverse reaction? I think that's what you are saying. Many thanks for you input too :)

  • Opppps wrong way round

    A Rh Neg with Anti D factor to donate and A RH pos to receive



  • I'm A+, too,

    primary APS

  • A positive here...

  • I am A negative

  • I have noticed so many A type blood among the posts. I am O negative, RH negative with APS. I wonder if A types in general are more prone?

  • What is APS

  • Antiphospholipidsyndrom or Sticky Blood or Hughes Syndrome. We have too thick blood that has to be thinned. Very few Doctors know about it.

    If you think you have it you can put a question on here about your symptoms. This is a site for this illness only. Read about it!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I am o rhesus negative, and I have APS

  • I am O negative and have APS

  • Hi

    A neg here.

    Hugs xxxx

  • Hi B neg - primary aps

  • A Rh Neg and I have Hughes/aps

  • I am A negative

  • A neg, hasd to have a load of anti-d when pregnant

  • Primary APS with B rh + blood (7.6% Canadian population has B+) . In Canada the most common blood types are O+ & A+.

  • HI folks

    Well so far thats 14 rh negatives and 6 rh positives, lots of you are Group A! I understand that Rhesus negative blood types are an average of 7-8% of the world population ( correct me if I am wrong ) so that is remarkable that we so far have a 14:6 ratio which is 70% of those who have responded so far are Rh neg!!

    Very interesting!!

    More responses could make the numbers change so any more replies would be welcomed. Many thanks. The question next is - What is it about the rh negs that predispose toward auto immune disorders?

    Kind regards

    Carol :)

  • I should add, that I am O Rhesus D Neg!! That's now15:6 ratio - 71.43%, you can see I'm a numbers Girl !!! Love maths!! LOL

  • I am O negative -- interesting question . . .

  • Hi, I'm O neg with APS

  • Sorry, all, but can't answer this one as my young lady doesn't know what her blood group is!

    Better we get that seen too! LOL.

  • Carol

    your poll is up you should of got a message (will check that) we only put a selection of polls once a month (as members found it an overload) yours is in the batch for April please see below as you requested.



  • Hi Paddy

    Thank you for that, well so far on this Q thread we are up to 74% are Rhesus negative!!

  • I'm O RH neg and have Sjorgens, APS Hashimotos and looks like I'm a celiac too. Has anyone asked if any recent research has been done on APS and RH Neg

  • Sorry for the long absence in replying!! I don't know if there is any research on connections between Rh neg and APS, but I think there should be perhaps!

  • I have APS and A- blood with the rh factor. I have a hunch theyre related.

  • APS (probobly only APS) O Rh-

  • O Rh negative. (The - was invisible on the new s)

  • Thank you for keeping the thread alive! I do believe the Rhesus negative factor has a role to play in autoimmune disease. So many I know with Auto immune disease have Rhesus negative blood types.

  • I have an AI condition with thyroid and possible adrenals. My blood type is A Rh-

  • I'm O negative

  • Can you post a link to any research you've read please or PM it?


  • I did some reading on links between Rhesus neg and Autoimmune conditions 3 years ago but have lost the links. So I would need to start from scratch to find them again apologies. But as you can see from the poll that was Donne on here 3 years ago there is a high incidence of Rhesus neg blood types with APS.

  • Found this of interest


  • It is. I answered 2 years ago on your 5 year old poll (question)

    I am O Rh- like you. Primary APS. I will ask my Hematologist next week.


  • Primary APS and Rhesus B negative.

  • Hi, I've just read these posts with interest. I'm O RH negative and have just been diagnosed with Hashimotos disease

  • I'm B RHD positive. ..

  • Would love to read more on the subject, where can I find reference on this?

  • I found this interesting regarding rhesus negative blood types and disease


  • I am Rh negative with O neg. blood, and I have the autoimmune disease, Graves disease.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am O negative and have RA, FM, OP, OA,

  • Is your question a sort of a joke or something?

    I have never heard of FM, OP, OA. If you have got APS please tell me what it is.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • No it isn't a joke, I wish it was.

    I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis

  • Sorry about that. Hope I did not offend you in some way. I did not mean to.

    There are sometimes people here who does not have an autoimmun illness but write here all the same I can not understand why, as this is a site for Sticky Blood (Hughes Syndrome).

    Hope you have a Doctor who is specialized in autoimmun illnesses and the most important thing of all: that he can give you the right treatment.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • AS I only have APS I do not know the "short" for those illnesses.

  • No, you didn't offend me. I'm a clinician myself and forget not to use abbreviations.

    I am O RH Neg and I'm interested in researching blood types in relation to autoimmune disease.

    Sadley my latest treatment has failed again. I'm on intense biological infusions and many other drugs.

    Have to retire early now as things are progressing too quickly and I'm struggling to continue practicing.

    Could be worse I guess?

  • Hi again,

    I am not even medical trained only interested in this blood-disorder as I have it and I am O RH neg also. Yes what I have understood we with APS have O Rh - very often!?

    Hope you have got a Specialist for your illnesses who reallly understands autoimmun illnesses as they are "relatives" most of them as you probably know.

    Would be interested to hear about your research and several others of our members would be interested also I am sure.

    Take good care of yourself!


  • I am O neg

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