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Getting fit again ;-) and fighting the symptoms of auto immune conditions....3 stone to lose!!

With my new sports wear and hold in pants i met with a personal trainer today! My rheumy specialist nurse would not be impressed as she keeps saying pace yourself!!

Well saturday was such a lovely day me and my friend dot went out with our dogs we left at 11.30 returning back at 4pm! we walked miles through countyside then had to trek back home... by this time my legs and arms were aching, pains in feet and hands but i had a smile on my face i am getting better!!...but also thinking to myself you silly moo you know you got to go to work tomorrow (sun)...well once home i had a hot shower then slept.. waking up as stiff as a poker!! old lady stance once again walking sideways down stairs as i fell a few weeks ago because of the stiffness and pain i get in my feet esp in the mornings ive taken to the sideway step when so stiff and painful... but this did not deter me i worked a late shift sunday caring for patients who were able to walk faster than me ;-) at times, but i got through the shift home by 10.30pm...

Monday i wake up at 11 as sleep is a must or else i could not cope!! again old lady stance but i attended the gym for 1pm somewhat embarrassed as i was aching still and not sure what to expect but i am so determined to get fit and loss the excess weight i have gained since last xmas....

I so enjoyed my workout, my trainer Rob put me through my paces being mindful of my neck injury and all me aches i was so glad i went and didnt chicken out!!! i felt elated that the walk on saturday did not ruin the session if anything it helped!! booked in again on friday weighed today have lost 2.6kg since my last hospital app in dec so am very happy ..... xx......xx......xx

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Good on you.... I too have picked up physio and training again after yet another break due to infections and thyroid fuss.... done quite well today... and good to know of others doing this. Mary F x


Well done Mary - its good to know spring is on the horizon somehow it makes coping that much easier and motivating.... cant let these auto immune buddies get the better of us now can we ;-) xx


Wel done to both Kathy and Mary i am really glad it is working for you, i need to get back into the swing of excersice but just need to get motivated again.



Yes..... well I would prefer to lie on the floor and listen to jazz whilst dealiing with the Christmas cheese collection! M x


That sounds like a good idea will do a wine tastingnight lol


Bravo Kathy :) Am also doing lots of exercise at the moment and feeling very stiff and achy, but in a good way. It's been gym twice a week since the New Year along with one night of swimming, a game of badminton then a seven mile trek on a Sunday. Is this me, I ask myself?? I'm going skiing for the first time at the end of this month so want to be as fit as possible to get ready for lots of falling over ...

Keep up the good work - I've noticed a massive difference in just three weeks.


Wow Kate putting me and my drinking ARM excersies to shame lol


Don't worry Paddy, I'm still doing the important ARM exercises at the weekend :)

Swimming tonight but then that does involve a sauna and jacuzzi afterwards so mustn't grumble :)


Oh God! Now I really do feel bad. I'm not even going to start to say what I'm doing! Even the rolling on the floor with the cheese sounds energetic!

But well done everyone else.


Well done all - the hardest thing about exercising is starting it, especially when you've had some time off!

I need to shift a few pounds after a week of coffees and cake!! But after tose first days of feeling super unfit, the enjoyment and feeling of acheivement is terrific. It's great to get the heart pumping and it boosts confidence too!! as long as you enjoy whatever it is you are doing (be it dancing in the kitchen, playing with the kids, walking the dogs, gymming or entering the Olympics!) you will continue to feel better...

Good luck - looking forward to the next updates!

Take care



I feel a lot fitter since I got my bicycle I don't do the roads anymore since I had an altercation with a parked car......I failed to see it Duh

But I am lucky enough to have a fair few miles of prom to cycle on and it''s on the flat, so can get a fair speed. I don't worry too much about the pedestrians!!


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