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Aps and now more auto immune disorders

Hi I was diagnosed with aps in 2013 after several miscarriages.  I seem to be going from bad to worse. I constantly feel tired and have in the last year been diagnosed with endometriosis, granuloma annulare and anaemia also.  My gp doesn't know where to go with all this next and is unsure which specialist to send me to. Any one got any ideas what's going on with me. 

Many thanks in advance 


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Hi, he needs to refer you to one off the list:   MaryF


Thanks Mary 


Hi Sarah

I was diagnosed with aps n lupus in 2014. However I'm 61 and was told I had had this since I was 18.  I too have had endemetriosis etc.

The only thing I can say is get your doc to contact your rhumatologist for recommendations and look up Hughes - Fantastic site full of information.

Regards. Diane


Thanks Diane x


Many APS patients either have more than one autoimmune illness or have family members with them. I have Crohns, MS, Lupus and Mennier's Disease in my family. APS patients have different specialists who manage their care. I see a hematologist for mine but some go to a rheumatologist. I've had some unexplained pain in recent years that my gynecologist can't explain. She started treating me as if I was an endometriosis patient. Some on this group have suggested reading Sticky Blood Explained by Kay Thackray. I haven't read it yet but it's on You may also find that their ailments you have are connected to the APS. I had heart valve problems and poor circulation. Welcome to our group! 



Thankyou so much for the reply....I will have a look on Amazon for that right away. Xx


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