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Complete loss of feeling in a thumb?

Just curious if many have experience with complete temporary loss of feeling in thumbs or fingers.

I have Raynauds but it didnt see to be that at all as it moved from my thumb into and just above my wrist. I did have a bruise develop as it was occuring which is the weirdest thing ever to see happen. There was discoloration of the entire area that came and went over the three hours it lasted. The area was very cold as well. I did go to the hospital where they quickly told me it was life threatening and I could leave. He said it is odd and he didnt know what it was. No check of INR...nothing. Hardly got past the front door...and was following my primary cares orders to get anything new checked out.

Thanks for being all have been such a help.

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Hi Beverly

When I first started to get problems and before I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome, my first alarm bells started to ring when my ring finger on my right hand went numb during a meeting with a client and I started to talk rubbish. These symptoms resolved over about 90 mins.Then a few days later I got a small blind spot in my right eye, which lasted a few hours.

I then started to get the numbness in all fingers on the right hand, starting with the little finger and spreading to all the others one at a time then, after about 20 - 30 mins the numbness would go in the same way, little finger first. I still get some local numbness in the ring finger on that hand at times and a very painful joint on the little finger too, which lasts a couple of hours.

Best wishes.



Hi Beverly

I get numbness in my fingers and hands I was told it was due to the raynaurds and I found it went away after a short time I was told if it lasted more than an hour to see go as it could ne circulation issues if short time it was due to nerves and circulation giving mixed signals.

So get it checked its properly another symptom of aps but get we collecting them

Any issues let us know how you get on



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