Burning Veins

Hi every one.

Hope you are all enjoying this nice weather this week.

I have a few questions:-

Does any one have Burning Veins in legs and arms?

What does this mean?

What can I doe to stop it?

Thank you for your help

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  • Hello I get burning sensations, but think it is my tendons... I have five overlapping things, so hard to work out where one begins and the other stops. I am afraid I always resort to a long bath! Mary F x

  • Mary –I’m interested to hear that you are getting burning pain in your tendons. I get this too. When I go walking and go up hill it burns in the tendons at the back of my legs and then burns for days afterwards. It burns when I do leg exercises in Pilates. I can feel the burning in my arms and legs in bed when I wake up in the morning and I need to stretch. When I asked my GP about tbis I was sent off for blood tests to investigate but they came back normal. But I did get a diagnosis of tendonitis in my hand, thumb and wrist last year after I’d been using loppers in the garden. I want to carry on exercising but it seems to make it worse.

  • Yes to burning legs! I was diagnosed with APS a year ago, but recent blood work shows no antibodies now. I still have symptoms including burning legs that are worse at night and wake me. It feels like a chemical burn in my blood vessels. When I move my legs it diminishes, and I can sleep again. It pretty consistently begins about 4 hours into sleep ( I think due to 4 hours of immobility) and then wakes me about every 2 hours after that. I now have a diagnosis of myelitis.

    This has been happening since 2005 and most doctors looked at me strangely when I told them about the burning and they had no explanation.

  • I have burning in my feet and lower legs, and sometimes hands, at night. Many times, I have to attach cold packs to the bottoms of my feet to get relief. This is a vasculitic condition. Ugh, I can't think of the name of it right now. People who have acrocyanosis, or Raynaud's, can get this condition, too, and experience the cold symptoms of the latter at opposite times of the hot symptoms of the other. Talk about not knowing whether you're coming or going!


    B12 deficiency can also cause this burning sensation at night, as can other things, like restless leg syndrome.

  • Hi All

    Thank you all for the comments.

  • Hi All

    Thank you all for the comments.

  • I have burning sensation in my leg where I had an awful DVT years ago. I was told it was damage to the vein from the clot. Vericosities in the veins can do this as well. My legs were burning and painful. I had to have some of the veins stripped from both my legs due to this many years ago.

    Take care Stannington-lad!

  • I have this burning sensation in the veins in my neck. Bothersome. Scarey

  • Sometimes I have a feeling of water trickling down my lower leg. Since I had back surgery 10 months ago, I assumed it was nerves. I get burning sensations in my legs & bottom when stretching & exercising but there again maybe from my back. I am having jerkiness in my finger, toes, arms & legs. After finding this website, I am wondering if it is from aps because I was diagnosed with after having miscarriages.

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