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Third degree burn to foot

As those who are familiar with me know i have had strokes in the past and my reflexes arent always quick. Accidently had hot / boiling water land on my sock covered foot and was unable to get the sock off so burn intensified....Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced burns and were you able to heal quickly or did APS cause slow healing? Update, sorry, this happened on April 9, so a few days ago. Tyia= thank you in advance, Cindy now of Delaware

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i've only had minor burns-hot iron, oven etc. so can't help you. Minor ones cleared up fairly quickly.

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Thanks for responding- it really hurts🥴


I wish you a quick healing! Sorry about that accident!

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Ouch oh so sorry! Wishing you a quick recovery.

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Homeoopathic remedy for the pain and other things skin related-Calendula.

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Aren’t you receiving enterecept ( spelling?) injections ?

Injections into the perispinal space along spinal cord? ( or something along these this idea... I can’t remember the exact details)

I remember it was in the monoclonal antibodies to help reduce specific antibody count.

I remember you were ( we all were) hopeful to

See reduction in ,”residual stroke damage” -

Balance problems, etc.

Are you seeing improvements?

I’m only concerned that this accident could be an indicator that there could be a problem? That’s not possible, is it?

I know there can be contraindications. I know your primary team for APS was not involved in this decision to begin these treatments. Can you call doctor who did the treatment, wherever he/ she is and ask ?

I know with my infusion of Rituximab (not injections) I have been told that risk of infections will be handled very differently with me because it is a suppression of my immune system.

You asked me yesterday somewhere on someone’s thread why ,” What I was hoping to gain from Rituximab “ or something to that effect. I will answer your question here.

I was very surprised when my Texas Rheumatoligist wanted to start this therapy with me. I did not seek it out. I had thought about IVIG in the past. It’s used for dysautonomia and my Texas Rheumatoligist had mentioned in his past clinic notes that he might consider it if I keep clotting.

This past autumn I saw Dr Jill Schofield. I was in DVT again and my internist wanted a new plan. Just before my appointment with her I saw my Texas Rheumatoligist to keep him in the loop, to ask him if he had any specific questions for her. I told him that she had emailed me regarding my upcoming appointment ( having reviewed my medical history and clotting history) and wanted to try a new approach to anticoagulation. I told him I would only make a change under the supervision and blessing of my Texas team ( as Dr Schofield is in Colorado.)

He said I’m letting you know that you have met the criteria a few times in the past for pre , or early caps. It’s a strict criteria, much the way the diagnostic criteria for APS is.

In Mid November I began a new anticoagulation regiment and it failed immediately. I have already talked about this on the forum. I then switched immediately high intensity Lovenox ( enoxaparin/ clexane), which I have discussed on forum. ( and I have discussed with you personally.) This also unfortunately failed.

I bridged back to warfarin. All this happens in about three weeks time.

My Texas Rheumatoligist told me at that time that he had had discussed at length with my Hematologist and they had decided after researching together that the best course of action for me was to begin Rituximab infusions.

I asked if I could wait until the end of the summer. The answer was no...

My doctors hope to ,” Reduce further clotting events and to stop theses early or pre caps events.”

I am due to see my doctor this Thursday and begin infusions Monday, one week from today.

( it was supposed to start a 6 weeks ago but doctor and our family couldn’t get schedules to coordinate. It took that long to get insurance approval. It had to be resubmitted again. Remember- you asked me about it? ) so it’s taken awhile...

The only problem, last Friday, three days ago, our son came down with influenza. Actual influenza B. I was given Tammiflu . My husband also.

So I hope I have answered your question. It was a two fold complicated answer.

So - bottom line- I hope I’ve answered two questions for you. One question is ... I’d call your doctor with the burn- the one who injects the enterecept. It is known to lower the immune system. You have reduced white blood cells now if you are still taking the injections.

How long after the shots is your immune system compromised? What is the schedule of injection? How long does each injection last in system?

You have not said otherwise that you are not taking injections if you no longer are,

And you were hopeful about them and the science behind them.

Also- is there a concern you will need a skin graft? A third degree burn as a very serious burn. A graft will require you going into surgery... This is alarming... “ third degree burn..”

What is the plan? I’m so sorry...


I do remember those conversation and i remember you were a little bit leery. I was wondering what “specifically for you”- i understand now: clot prevention and to avoid CAPS. I hope this works for you, you've been the gamut for sure.

My shot was a one shot deal n January- no need for further injections due to the nature of the way it was given. My immune system is great at this time- i had recent blood work.

The reason for my difficulty of removing the sock is because i cant sit down quickly enough, as i was at the sink, no chair available and cannot stand on one foot due to sucky balance. I couldnt move quick enough to get the sock off which in turn held the hot in for longer then if i could have immediately pulled it off. It is healing nicely. I am keeping it clean and applying the antibiotic cream as directed.

Best of wishes for you with your ritux.


I’m very relieved to hear your immune system is up to par.

I have a few balance issues- just the typical MS mimicking stuff APS can do, and that’s very frustrating for me. I can’t imagine the challenges full strokes must bring.

Also glad to hear the foot is being managed and seems ok. And because you are better....

( for the benefit of all my fellow nerds:)

“ The foot is in hand!”


Lol, i just edited my post it happened on April 9 i forgot to put that in.

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Yep. The same thing happened to me last summer: I was pouring water into the same, clean dry , thick walled pitcher I had used for brewing iced tea for years. And no there was no ice in the clean dry picture. But nevertheless the pitcher exploded and all that boiling water poured onto my sock covered foot. And just as you described, I could not get the sock off very quickly. And no there was no ice in the clean dry pitcher. And just as you described, I could not get the sock off very quickly. I did heal. but it took time. The burn was described as 3rd to 2nd degree and I did see the doctor.

I follow a strict regimen of keeping the foot clean. I washed it carefully ( and boy! did that hurt! ) followed by a super duper antibiotic cream. When the skin began to peel, I followed the doctor's recommendations for leaving the skin alone for a while as this dead skin was actually protecting my body until a new healed layer of skin could advance to the surface.So, when washing the foot I only slightly scrubbed with a clean wash cloth. I followed up with the doctor a couple of times so she could carefully remove more dead skin when it was time. The issue that concerned my doctor the most was infection– there was so much damage, and because it was on my foot, she was pretty sure I was going to get an infection. I did not.

I fact: I recall that I did a Facebook post on my foot calamity - I was posting updates on my knee replacement in June in hopes my experience would be helpfull Here it is from this past August:

Time for my latest, and probably my last knee update.

As some of you know, I took a siesta from my recovery last month when a pitcher exploded and @ 1 liter of boiling water poured onto my left foot. (Note: it was the right knee which had been replaced.) Yes, it did hurt as much as you are imagining right now.

For the next month I carefully washed my blistered foot 3X daily applying a thick coat of silver sulfadine cream and a thick bandage. I continued with the prone knee and leg exercises, but took a good 2 weeks off from PT. My therapist had expected me to have lost ground when I returned at the end of that 2 weeks, but actually, I was even better.

I had my 3 month online visit with a CC orthopedist last week. The doctor told me that the strength and flexibility report from my therapist indicated that I had achieved the goals set for my 9 month recovery, so, I need not follow up with the expected 6 and 9 month appointments. "Just return to Cleveland in June for your 1 year follow up." AND I was discharged from PT.

Today I walked 5 miles, a daily distance I have not met since October 2017. I am now walking down steeper hills every day, and each day with more grace. Knee is still numb and the doctor told me that this numbness was probably resulting in some balance issues. (Which, it is.) The nerves will grow back with time, but in the meantime I should exrert extra caution when walking on uneven terrain. He also urged me to message the patella as that would encourage faster healing.

So, for any of you facing a knee replacement in your future, I hope my logs have/will be helpful. Follow your doctor's recommendations. Exercise before and after surgery. It will hurt, but persist!


Thanks Gina, problem i had once i got the sock off i took the skin with it, hurt like mad. I am keeping it clean and applying the ointment. Problem is i cant do my daily walks as sneaker hurts to be on...just getting sneaker on is impossible.

Thanks i know it sounds weird and i wish it on no one but i can usually walk without a balance problem because i alternate legs while walking and its not just standing on one foot.


I have just finished treating my husband's burn, from an exploding hot water bottle, very nasty, however once we moved through the worst phase, (under GP in Bulgaria), he then finished healing it with aloe vera gel, kept in the fridge an applied topically which did speed up the wound healing and was given the ok by the GP. Hope you feel better soon. Is you burn being treated at the hospital as it it third degree? MaryF

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They said-No need i am able to manage it at home. Must keep it clean, ointment and covered... its a task but i am adamant about being as independent as i can, thanks Mary, Cindy

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Hi - How it got burned so bad stinks right out loud !! sorry to hear - -If you remember my foot rot back in the 2104 -2015 I was being treated at the Wound center here and the cream they had me use was Silver Sulfadiazine cream i used every two days for a year or till i was able to go with out bandages on foot. I had a friend that burned her leg a a motorcycle exhaust pipe and i gave her some cream and she was shocked how quick it healed and little scare ?? have you heard of it and have you tried it ?? if not do .

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I have heard of it thanks Jet it was such a shocker when it happened that the initial pain was through the roof


And i remember you talking of that actually you were my first thought hence my question, thanks my friend, Cindy


i remember my Doc saying it is a great burn cream-it is a topical antimicrobial drug indicated as an adjunct for the prevention and treatment of wound sepsis in patients with second and third degree burns. they at wound center had this little maybe 50 grams and they had it for a long time and when i went to pick mine up i was shacked 400 grams !!! God i would have enough for the entire Concord hospital that has 4 buildings with 4 to 5 floors . But i can say it works wonders-but you may want to talk to your PCP as this was a script for me . let me know - i was told it is very expensive ??


Yeah. That sulfer fi-something cream works wonders. I add my high recommendation if you can get your hands ( or rather) your foot on it.


Trade name Silvadine


Ouch! So sorry this has happened to you!

Because you are in pain, it’s most likely a 1st or 2nd degree burn. (Third degree burns destroy the nerves so there isn’t any pain).

This burn gel is AMAZING. You can find it at local pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens), as well as Target, Walmart, etc.

Alocane Emergency Burn Gel, 4% Lidocaine Maximum Strength 2.5 Fl Oz amazon.com/dp/B00EM4G7LG/re...

It cools and soothes as well as protects and aids in healing.


Wittycjt, I’ll try to send you photo of my foot which developed clot then ulcer then MRSA after idiot doctor refused Lovenox bridge for pacemaker installation.

Have problems sending photos on this site.

I think I healed as fast as a nonAPS person.

Nancy in West Virginia

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4/20: Update... debrided and doing well. Open to air unless im at a hospital or clinic around germs then i make sure to cover it.

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Only your doctor will know if you can take this:


Liposomal vit c (Amazon) for burns and immune system. This method is 6-8 times more absorbed than by IV and much cheaper!

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I have been eating raw lemons, skin and all near daily in vitamixer made fresh lemonade... love it. So i think im covered thanks for the tip. My foot has healed now thankfully! Cindy

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