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the bugbears of warfarin

Looks like my biopsy for tomorrow which I have geared myself up to isn't going to happen as my inr is 3.9 and they won't do it unless below 3.5/as near to 3.0 as possible. I am so fed up as I took the doses suggested by the nurse to bring it down (it was 4.6 last Friday) and missed one last night. I am going to miss another dose tonight and test in the morning, but not feeling hopeful. And they can't fit me in on Friday,

Yet normally when I drop even 1mg when I am too high it brings my inr right down but seemingly not this time when it really needs to! At times like this I need to keep reminding myself of the benefits of being on warfarin.

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Hi Caroline

sorry to hear the inr is not playing ball, especially when its so important. I hope it drops by tomorrow. Maybe some green veg for tea, contains vit K, just be careful it doesnt drop to much. I have fingers crossed for you and hope biopsy goes ok.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Caroline

I agree with Jessielou, Brussels Sprouts do it for me, they knock hell out of my INR.

When I have to have surgical procedures I stop warfarin completely and convert to a theraputic dose of Fragmin, 15,000IU per day for me but the dose is calculated on body weight. Then I restart warfarin after the procedure but continue the 15,000IU Fragmin until my INR is above 3.0, then I reduce the Fragmin to 5,000IU per day until I'm back in target INR range at 3.8 to 4.0.

All the best.



Hi Caroline

I know how you feel as I had a mole removed last year and no warfarin for 48 hours prior to the proceedure, I could hardly walk or speak when I arrived at hospital, as soon as I was on the ward they gave me an emergency Heparin injection, removed the mole and a few days later I was back to my usual self. If I need any more surgery in the future I will ask to only go 24 hours without warfarin.

I react quickly to Vit K Brocolli or kale bring my INR right down within a few hours so I stay well away from dark greens as I can not tolerate them since on Warfarin (I did use to enjoy my greens!)

Keep smiling..



Hi folks

Thanks for the messages of encouragement - luckily after missing two days of warfarin managed to get down to 2.9 so had the procedure done. Got to try now and keep it down till around 3.0 in case they need to repeat it next week in another area ,which I hope they don't as it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences.

Feeling exhausted, muddle headed and headachy but that's what happens when inr is too low.



my rheum doctor did my steroid injection yesterday, she offered as my arm is killing me despite having physio - my GP will not do it because of warfarin, but as it had dropped Monday to 2.7 she said she would do it. I have been self testing and I feel better that I am slightly in more control even though I have to go each week for a test via arm - but I have started to test before I go to make sure that the machine is working - so far so good. I am relieved when I know its working okay


I now take the view that allowing my INR to drop below 3, with a target of 3.8 to 4.0, is something I am simply not willing to risk. I know I have had TIAs when I've been just over 3.0. I now regard it as just too much of a risk , and those doctors who don't understand why I take the view will just have to listen to my explanation. Its about the only thing I can really control and, as I've got away with it in the past when I was rather more ignorant, I reckon I've taken enough chances.


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