Sudden onset of weakness and lethargy

Hi Folks,

I got out of bed this morning and felt fine. One hour later i felt that I was drugged. Really tired. really weak and needed to sleep. I woke up an hour later and I felt exactly the same. I feel like I have been drinking (I wish). Like my movements are in slow motion. I am still feeling like this something that others have or should I be concerned?

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  • Hi there, I hope you get a check up with the GP... I have days like this, sometimes there is no explanation... other times I really feel like this if going down with a virus... however and a big however here. I am only on aspirin so not fully confident in discussing INR levels and such like. I am sure others will have more detail. In the mean time... if it continues NOT to feel right, follow your instincts and get checked out by somebody you trust!. Hope you feel better soon. Mary F x

  • Hey, I get this,too. Had it onThursday. I feel drugged and can't wake up feeling. I usually go get tea that has caffein- that helps wake me up a little. That maybe explains why my son sleeps a lot & is hard to wake up.

  • Thanks Mary...will see my GP in the morning. I have never had symptoms like this before. If i have any issues over night i will head to hospital.....this symptom worries me as it is new and very strange

  • Yes. sit with it a little... and if this continues, do go to hospital, do you have somebody to come with you etc etc! I hope it is just the usual brain fog or fatigue.. but best to be on the safe side! M x

  • Hi, you poor thing. It's such a horrible feeling. I often feel like this & it seems to just come from nowhere but it is mostly after a really 'giddy' phase.....Sometimes I feel I have yawned so much that my jaw will break.... & that I cud sleep standing up. I try to relax for a few days, not always easy I know but I try to rest & let it pass. I am also only on aspirin so know nothing about inr etc. hope you feel better soon

  • My first experience with a pulmonary embolus was tachycardia, shortness of breath and YAWNING that I couldn't stop. This was before they did the blood work and discovered I had APS. I find now that I definitely need more naps, more sleep. I fell asleep in church Sunday for the first time in my life. And we have a lively church!

  • As you see, your description of the fatigue resonates with many. But I'd say you are lucky in one respect: my fatigue usually creeps up over a week so that I slowly fall into a regime of constant napping and tiredness. This makes it hard for me to identify when that autoimmune chronic bone-deep fatigue has set in. Only when I begin to climb out of the funk do I realize I have, once again, been in a Hughes Fatigue Funk. So if your funk has sudden onset, that increases the chance you will be able to identify a trigger and a solution. A virus because you inhaled at the wrong moment on the bus? A food you don't realize you are sensitive to? Aggravated stress at work or home? (Yoga helps, or just time with Bach on a good head set.) Good luck. And (my Hughes/ APLS slogan: "That which does not kill me gives me more information about how to deal with this."

  • Doctor seems to think i had a tia and just ignored the symptoms. Off for a carotid artery.doplar on thursday ad he feels there may be an issue or a blockage. Still feel under the weather....thanks all

  • myst--- i was just dia. with cronic fatigue ., and had to have sleep study done, obstructed sleep apnea- i guess i stopped breathing way to many times for their liking and my oxygen levels plummited to 80 s and a couple of times went even lower . but your discriptions sound all to familliar with me- be interested to see what they tell you ???----------------------------- snoozy jet

  • Thanks Jet....i have just had my inr results tooo...supposed to be 3-4... currently at 2.5...have been sub theraputic for 3 weeks chances are its a TIA.....still feel tired but not as bad

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