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Looking for specialists in central Florida

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I have APS. Can anyone recommend a rhuemetologist or hematologist in or near Volusia County in Florida?

I have been using Google, health grades, and reviews and am at a loss.

Thank you!


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Hoping someone can help with a good referral for you. Are you near Pensacola?

Hi Kelly! I am not near Pensacola.

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MaryFAdministrator in reply to Piscesdreamer

Hopefully somebody more local will see your posts. MaryF sorry for short reply, only one hand.

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Piscesdreamer in reply to MaryF

I saw a new rhuemetologist 2 weeks ago. She didn't hesitate to tell me that she knew very little about APS. I was able to dictate some blood work to her that I wanted to get done. So not a complete waste of time or money!

You're near Daytona, right? This place in Titusville says they work with complex rheumatic conditions. I'm in WI, so unfortunately I don't know more.


If they can't help you, maybe you can call 2-1-1. If you're unfamiliar with that, that's a free national helpline in the US to provide you with resources in your area. It's run by United Way, and maybe then can give you a list.

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Piscesdreamer in reply to Klutzy

Thank you for this information!The website was great, then I decided to search patient reviews.

I went to Healthgrades and checked out Dr Salach, he has many bad reviews that are pretty detailed.

I wish people would post who they ultimately saw after seeing a bad doctor. Wouldn't that be helpful? Lol

I am going to check out your 2-1-1 suggestion

Thank you again, you never know!!


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Klutzy in reply to Piscesdreamer

Yes that would be helpful if people posted that. But reviews are also subjective. However, if a specialist has too many negative reviews, yep that's a bad sign.

You could also contact the APS of America Foundation and maybe they have a list of specialists in each state. Good luck finding one.


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Piscesdreamer in reply to Klutzy

Yes, I went to the APSFA and wrote down the specialists listed for Florida. The doctor closest to me has moved out of state. ☹

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Klutzy in reply to Piscesdreamer

That’s frustrating for you!

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