Looking for a great hematologist in Houston, Texas

If someone knows of a great hematologist in houston texas it would be greatly appreciated. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on January 19th that's supposed to be good. Oh by the way I have aps, i got my second blood work back and it's positive, a little over a month ago, feeling pretty bad.



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  • Hi well done, on progress, I enclose this usual link, in case any of the people on there can guide you, and also there are others on here who can help. apsaction.com/


  • apsaction.com/research.html scroll down page and you will find:

    University of Texas Medical Branch

    Galveston, TX, USARohan Willis*

    Alvaro Schleh

    Emilio Gonzalezrowillis@utmb.edu

    hss.edu/barbara-volcker.asp you can call for referral to MD in your area

  • Thanks so much it means a lot taking time out for me with this info, I have been doing a lot of research on this.

    Thank you,


  • i am certain you will find the right MD....I know what it felt like to feel sick and have MDs telling me there was nothing wrong w/ me....I found Dr. Andrea Gaito,Rheumatologist 2 hours away in NJ....I am sooooo grateful...5 years ago and I a feeling great

  • Thanks again, I'm glad you found the right doctor, it's crazy how many don't know much about this disease. I haven't had a clot but I can feel I'm so close as things are always going numb and now it's affecting my heart but everyone says my titres are low, not anymore!!! So frustrating.

    Again thanks, and I'm so happy for some one in the US is getting good help from a doctor!!


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