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Blood test, blood spots and rashes


i few weeks ago i told you about the red blood spots i have and rash, well my doctor did a blood test for clotting and it should have come back between 25-31 but mine came back at 61 what every that means, the doctor said that OK as we know you have APS and just carry on what you are doing, i told her about this site and she said if it is helping me good but i don't have to worry abiut the blood clotting level being high as i take a aspirin a day it is helping to keep it down,

i had a very cold all week and have been left with a nasty cough which she said because of the APS it will take long to go. Which is great for her to say i am the one that is coughing and have pains in my ribs,

i am due another blood test in a few months for my diabetes so the nurse will do another clotting test

plus i had a kidney infection and was told i had crystals in my wee but was not told what to do i have been drinking loads of fluid but you can only drink so much in a day

Thank any for a wonderful site


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That sounds like maybe one of the antibody levels?

Colds seem to knock me down a bit as well.

I hope you continue to improve.

christinebonner in reply to Hidden


i all ways take longer later to get rid of a cold and than i am left with a nasty cough for ages

me too...when i get a cough i have it for at least 3 weeks..i am lucky my doctor gives me cough syrup that helps to knock it down a notch

mine wont give my any so i have to just put up with the cough and it take ages for it to go

Could it be your D-Dimmer result? this is an indicator of clots - hope you get better soon:)


thank you i am getting better just left with this cough that gets me down


I hope you pick up soon, sounds like you are doing everything you can, get well soon. Mary F

Mary i hate being ill and i dont let any of my illness get me down but the only time i get down is when i have a cold, this site has help me a lot as i know other people have the same sort of thing

Try anti-histamines for your cold,They attack the histamines that multiply when infection or inflammation multiply, and zinc. The Zinc can help boost your immune system. You have a double wammy, has you are Diabetic aswell as having APS. Also increase your Vitamin C in your diet, as no one can store Vitamin C in their body, therefore need it every day in their diet. I am not trying to preach to you, just in case you already know. Hope this is helpful and you feel a little better soon. Do not be afraid to ask your doc what your levels mean and which blood test they have taken. It is your body, and a good doc will explain it. All the best.

i do take anti histamines all year and i know i have not had much Vitamin C which is very naughty of me as i have a lot of oranges and a glass of juice a day, did not know about the zinc, thank you for the help i have this cough for up to 3-4 week when i do get them and that what drags you down

thank you i am hoping that he dont put my on steroids like he did last year as i ended up with 2 courses of them over the winter

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