Zenith a Hydroxy chloroquine

Hi everyone. Is anyone on here still having difficulty getting the brand Zentiva Hydroxy chloroquine. I am owing two months of the drug and Boots the pharmacy are still having problems obtaining the brand. I am running very low on this drug now. I am aware that there is a national problem, but wondered if there is a good alternative.

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  • I did recently have trouble getting this for my daughter but sent what they gave me as a substitution back, and insisted they re ordered which they did. MaryF

  • They tried that with me, but it seems they are having problems obtaining it anywhere in my town.

  • It was meant to say Zentiva as the title. Predictive text getting me 😊

  • Hi, my local Boots has caught up in the last two weeks, now got 4 months supply!! They also told me they are keeping the next prescription in stock for me.

    So - worth chasing Boots, as supply now coming through.

    Any problem, pm me and I will tell you which Boots I use.

  • My local pharmacy had problems too. Luckily they have been tenacious and constantly ringing the suppliers. Finally they got hold of some and have saved me some for two months time. I’m going to give the girl in the pharmacy some chocolates as she went over and above.

  • Unlike everyone else I’ve not had any issues getting mine. Hope you all get sorted soon x

  • Yes my little chemist couldn't obtain any but has done so from an alternative chemist, so it is not always available to the little chemists. I missed a couple of doses and the pain in my hands without it is awful. Hope no-one has to go through this x

  • Aloha from Hawaii

    I'm taking a generic for Plaquenil with no problems....in over 5 months.

    I will follow you to know if you are able to get the brand.

    Kerstin from Hawaii i

  • I am still waiting for my prescriptions with Boots. In the meantime I have wrote to my consultant re the medication .

  • Hi everyone, I have managed to get my Hydroxy chloroquine Zentiva the manufacturer's was having problem. Hopefully I will not have a problem from now on.

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